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Empire Porky Building

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Empire Porky Building
エンパイアポーキービル Empire Porky Building

Empire Porky Building.png
The Empire Porky Building as it appears in Mother 3.

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New Pork City
New Pork City underground

The Empire Porky Building is location in Mother 3. It is the tallest building in New Pork City, consisting of 100 floors, of which only 12 are actually visited in the game.

The Empire Porky Building's name comes from the Empire State Building in New York City, which New Pork City is likely based on.




The lobby of the Empire Porky Building contains a hot spring and a Mole Cricket shop. An elevator that travels between all of the floors is located on this floor, but it is broken upon the first visit. After Lucas hears Leder's speech, the elevator is somewhat repaired, only allowing access to the 24th floor.

Mole Cricket's Shop

Mole Cricket's shop
Item Price Effect
{{{Size}}} Grilled Chicken 300 DP Restores 170 HP
{{{Size}}} Secret Herb 600 DP Removes all negative status ailments
{{{Size}}} Cup of Lifenoodles 1780 DP Removes all negative status ailments
{{{Size}}} Offense Spray 1000 DP Raises Offense for the rest of the battle
{{{Size}}} Defense Spray 1000 DP Raises Defense for the rest of the battle

24th floor concert hall


The 24th floor of the Empire Porky Building contains a small lobby and a stage. A crowd of DCMC fans, including the Pork Trooper, can be found in the lobby. When Lucas's party enters the concert hall, DCMC welcomes them, and Duster temporarily becomes the lead character. He then performs onstage with the DCMC. The power supply in the room then shuts off, stopping the concert and upsetting the fans. Porky then calls Lucas's party to the 100th floor.

Hippo Pool


When Lucas's party arrives, they find that they are not on the 100th floor, but a jungle-like floor filled with Hippo Launchers. Midway through the floor, a scientist orders a Hippo Launcher to attack Lucas's party. After it is defeated, the scientist runs off. A present containing the Ultimate Shoes, Duster's best weapon, is located here. Upon reaching the end of the floor, Porky taunts them, and orders them to go to the real 100th floor. They then continue into the next elevator.

Item Location
CupOfLifenoodles.png Cup of Lifenoodles In the water in front of the elevator to the next floor
GrilledChicken.png Grilled Chicken In the water in front of the elevator to the next floor
SuperBomb.png Super Bomb In the second room in the water
UltimateShoes.png Ultimate Shoes

Second room outside the water

Sprite Enemy name Notes
HippoLauncherOverworld.png Hippo Launcher Hippo Launchers on land are weaker; 3% chance of dropping a Thud Charm

Fan club room

The next floor Lucas's party arrives in is Porky's "fan club" in a room which resembles a harem. An Oxygen Machine who looks like a Centaur is present in this room as well. After revealing it to not be the 100th floor, Lucas's party travel to the next floor.

Bathroom floor


Lucas's party then arrives at the next floor, only to find it to be a large maze made entirely of bathroom stalls. The Ultimate Chimera can be found in one of the stalls, guarding the Awesome Ring. Upon reaching the end of the floor, Porky taunts them yet again, and they continue into the next elevator.

Item Location
AttackAttractor.png Attack Attractor Middle stall in the first hallway
AwesomeRing.png Awesome Ring Sixth hallway, in the rightmost stall. Guarded by the Ultimate Chimera
HoneyShower.png Honey Shower Leftmost stall in the second hallway
RedCollar.png Red Collar

Fourth hallway, middle stall

Sprite Enemy name Notes
MensRoomSignOverworld.png Men's Room Sign None
PigmaskMajorOverworld.png Pigmask Major None
MetalAttackRoachOverworld.png Metal Attack Roach None

Locria's floor

Lucas's party arrives in a desert-themed floor. Inside is a pink shell house resembling the houses where the other Magypsies reside. There are many banana peels on the ground, crates containing bananas, and six presents each containing a Luxury Banana. There is also a bed with Fassad's clothing on it and a set of golden trumpets on a stand. This floor reveals that Fassad was the Magypsy who became a traitor, Locria. A mouse outside reminisces on how Locria formerly had him as a pet, and despite his unsettling laugh, he cared for the mouse.[1] After exploring the floor the party advance onwards.

Item Location
AncientBanana.png Ancient Banana In Locria's house
LuxuryBanana.png Luxury Banana ×5 In Locria's house
RazorAndLipstick.png Locria's Memento In Locria's house

Construction floor


Lucas's party arrives to find an incomplete floor filled with construction materials which is planned to become the "Great Porky Swimming Bath". A present containing the Angel Gloves, Kumatora's best weapon, is located here. Because the floor is incomplete, Lucas must ram into workers using the B button and use them as a bridge. Upon reaching the end of the floor, Porky taunts them yet again, and they continue into the next elevator.

Item Location
AngelGloves.png Angel Gloves On the second girder south of the elevator to the next floor
FavoritePizza.png Favorite Pizza Past the door north of the first construction workers
Sprite Enemy name Notes
BoaTransistorOverworld.png Boa Transistor None
K9000Overworld.png K9000 None
RhinocerocketMarkIIOverworld.png Rhinocerocket Mark II None
LoveWalkerOverworld.png Love Walker 3% chance of dropping a Goddess Ribbon

Laboratory floor


Lucas's party then arrives in a laboratory-like room. A present containing the Canine Weapon, Boney's only item that he can equip in the weapon slot, is located here. Near the end of the floor is the Nice Person Hot Spring, a series of laboratory tubes used to brainwash people into loving Porky. Porky taunts them yet again, but rather than an elevator, a door leading to a large staircase is there instead.

Item Location
CanineWeapon.png Canine Weapon The north doorway in the southeast room
KingBurger.png King Burger In the southeast corner in the southeast room
MagicTart.png Magic Cake In the southeast corner in the southeast room
SagittariusBracelet.png Sagittarius Bracelet In the room east of the Super Bomb, in the southwest corner
SuperBomb.png Super Bomb In the room north of the second room, in the west corner
Sprite Enemy name Notes
Mecha-LionOverworld.png Mecha-Lion None
ReturnofOctobotOverworld.png Return of Octobot None
UpgradedRobotOverworld.png Upgraded Robot 3% chance of dropping a Horus Bandana
NuclearReactorRobotOverworld.png Nuclear Reactor Robot None
PigmaskColonelOverworld.png Pigmask Colonel 3% chance of dropping an Awesome Cloak

97th floor


Upon climbing the stairs, Lucas's party finds the chauffeur who drove them to New Pork City in his limousine. He explains that in order to meet Porky, Lucas must compete in a few games against Master Mini-Porky to prove he is worthy to meet him. The first game is Super Whack-a-Mole, a simple whack-a-mole game. If the player hits the man instead of a mole, they lose. To progress, Lucas must hit a total of 9 moles, allowing Master Mini-Porky to win by a single mole; otherwise, he is deemed too frightening to meet Porky.

98th floor


The next floor is another game, the Purple Bridge Race Game. In this game, Lucas must race Master Mini-Porky along a long purple bridge. If Lucas wins the race, he is deemed too excitable to meet Porky. To progress, Lucas must lose by only a few seconds.

99th floor


The next game is To Whom Goes the Boom, a game in which the competitors see who can pop a balloon using an air pump first. If Lucas wins, he is deemed too tough to meet Porky. To progress, Lucas must finish popping his balloon only a few seconds after Master Mini-Porky.

100th floor

EPB 100th floor EB room.png

After finally arriving at the true 100th floor, Porky taunts Lucas's party again, and they find the floor to be a trap. The Natural Killer Cyborg then attacks the party. After it is defeated, Lucas's party enters a long hallway, in which the title screen music from EarthBound Beginnings plays. The next room contains a small body of water with a boat shaped like a house in it. Along the body of water are various objects from EarthBound, such as the sesame seed couple, Tessie, and an ATM, while a spirited variation on Pollyanna plays as the background music. Upon reaching the door at the end, Lucas finds Porky, in the guise of a little boy. “Porky” then asks Lucas to be his friend, but no matter the answer, he, revealed to be a robot puppet, then explodes. A horde of Porky robots then fall from the ceiling. After defeating them, more drop down. The DCMC then destroys the rest, and the villagers of Tazmily Village all gather around. The real Porky welcomes all of them, and tells Lucas it is a race to the final Needle. An elevator in the floor then drops Lucas's party down a pitfall, and Flint with them.

Item Location
PencilEraser.png Pencil Eraser In the room after the Hall of Memories
Sprite Enemy name Notes
N.K. Cyborg N.K. Cyborg Boss
PORKY 01-10 PORKY 01-10 Boss; fought in group of 10

In the Super Smash Bros. series

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As part of New Pork City, the building appears in the background of said stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The tower goes a bit up, but eventually fades away and vanishes.


Unused objects intended for the 100th floor.
  • A total of four unused objects intended for the 100th floor remained in the final version of the game. All of them did in fact appear on the 100th floor; however, they used the graphics originally used in EarthBound, while the unused versions were redrawn in Mother 3's style.
  • Unused text implies that there were other floors planned in addition to the ones in the game.


  1. Squeak-squeak-squeeeak. (I don't think Locria is coming back anymore. Oh, me? I'm a mouse Locria liked to dote over. He had a creepy "Nwehehehehe" laugh, so he might've seemed like a mean person in most people's eyes, but he was very nice to me, at least. Do you think he'll be coming home soon? I'm so lonely.)
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