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Empire Porky Building Underground

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New Pork City underground

New Pork City underground.png
The New Pork City underground.

Connected areas
Empire Porky Building
Final area

The Empire Porky Building Underground is a mine-like cavern located beneath the Empire Porky Building in Mother 3.

It appears to have been artificially made by the Pigmask Army during their search for the seventh Needle. The cave begins at the elevator from the Empire Porky Building, from there consists mostly of staircases leading downwards to the depths of the cave. Towards the bottom of the cave ladders will be used to decend to the bottom towards the cave exit. Near the exit there is one present containing a hot spring which will heal the party.

After the final Needle was located, Porky drops Lucas and the party along with Flint into the cave. Flint states there's something he needs to do and proceeds first, with the party following afterwards. At the end of the cave the exit into the location where the final Needle is found.


  • After Lucas's party rides the elevator into the cave the elevator, the elevator is broken due to the crash landing, rendering earlier locations unable to be revisited. They can still attempt to use it, however it will not work.
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