Murasaki Forest

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Murasaki Forest
ムラサキのもり Murasaki Forest

Murasaki Forest.png
Part of Murasaki Forest.

Connected areas
Clayman Factory
Club Titiboo
Doria's house
Chimera Laboratory
Unknown Valley
Mole Cricket Hole
Murasaki Forest

The Murasaki Forest is a forest in Mother 3. It is located east of the Chimera Laboratory, and north of the railway. A ropeway leading to Club Titiboo is located here, and to the east is the Mole Cricket Hole, Caeribe Falls and Unknown Valley. Doria's house is also located here, guarded by a door that only opens with the Osohe Dance.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 4

Lucas and Boney use the tickets they got from the factory to ride the ropeway and reach Club Titiboo.

A man can also be seen trying to climb to Club Titiboo because he does not have tickets.

In Chapter 5

Lucas's party pass through the Murasaki Forest in order to get to the Unknown Valley.

In Chapter 7

After rescuing Salsa from the Chimera Laboratory, Salsa opens the door to Doria's home by using the Osohe Dance. There, they find one of the Seven Needles hidden under a pond. Kumatora and Doria greet them, and Kumatora is revealed to have fallen into one of the ponds after the events of Chapter 5, and Doria, who had found her, allowed her to stay. Unable to access the Needle, Lucas is forced to use one of three specialized chimeras from Dr. Andonuts to remove the pond water. After removing the water, Lucas pulls the Needle, and Doria gives Lucas a Razor and Lipstick in remembrance before disappearing. Upon exiting, Lucas's party is interrupted by The Squeekz, who, after defeated, returns to his wife and seven children at the highway. Afterwords, the Mole Cricket from the Prologue challenges Lucas to a rematch and leads his party to the Mole Cricket Hole.

Shops and businesses

Worker mole's shop

Worker mole's shop
  Name Price Effect
BetterStick.png Better Stick 500 DP Weapon for Lucas
DurableGloves.png Durable Gloves 300 DP Weapon for Kumatora
SharpShoes.png Sharp Shoes 480 DP Weapon for Duster
FlyCharm.png Fly Charm 350 DP Equipment for everyone
SparrowBandana.png Sparrow Bandana 200 DP Equipment for Duster and Salsa
AzureRibbon.png Azure Ribbon 180 DP Equipment for Kumatora and Boney
CapricornBracelet.png Capricorn Bracelet 600 DP Equipment for Flint, Lucas, Duster, Kumatora, and Salsa


  Enemy name Notes
BatangutanOverworld.png Batangutan None
ReconstructedMoleOverworld.png Reconstructed Mole None
PigtuniaOverworld.png Pigtunia None
CattlesnakeOverworld.png Cattlesnake May be very difficult to defeat when first encountered.
SquawkingStickOverworld.png Squawking Stick May drop a Good Stick.
OstrelephantOverworld.png Ostrelephant May be very difficult to defeat when first encountered.


Murasaki Forest waterfall.png
Caeribe Falls, located in the eastern area of the forest.
Murasaki Forest Ropeway.png
The ropeway to Club Titiboo.
Murasaki Forest Chimera Lab.png
The Chimera Laboratory, located in the western area of the forest.

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