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Caroline's Bakery

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Caroline's Bakery
カロリーヌのパンやさん Caroline's Bakery

Caroline's Bakery
Caroline's Bakery as it appears in Mother 3.

Connected areas
Tazmily Village

Caroline's Bakery is a shop in Mother 3, seen only after the modernization of Tazmily Village. A sign placed outside claims that it is now adopting the new DP system, as beforehand, Caroline would bake Nuts into Nut Cookies or Nut Bread depending on how many were given to her.

The store is run by Caroline, with Fuel and Angie's assistance.

Caroline's Bakery
Item Price Effect
{{{Size}}} Nut Cookie 8 DP Restores 15 HP
{{{Size}}} Nut Bread 12 DP Restores 30 HP
{{{Size}}} Bread Roll 60 DP Restores 60 HP
{{{Size}}} Peculiar Cheese 20 DP Restores 60 HP if the character is fond of cheese
Restores 20 HP if the character is not fond of cheese
{{{Size}}} Fresh Milk 60 DP Restores 80 HP. After a while, turns into Rotten Milk
{{{Size}}} Fresh Egg 40 DP Restores 80 HP. After a while, turns into a Chick

Taking it into a Hot spring will turn it into a Hot Spring Egg

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