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Yado Inn

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Yado Inn Hotel Yado
YADO ホテルなYADO Inn Hotel Yado

Yado Inn
Yado Inn
Hotel Yado
Hotel Yado

Connected areas
Tazmily Village

Yado Inn is an inn located at the bottom right corner of Tazmily Village, found in the beginning of Mother 3. Its owner is Jackie.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 1

In Chapter 1, the villagers take Lighter and Flint, who are injured because of the Sunshine Forest fire, to the inn to recover from their injuries. Isaac asks Flint if he has seen his family, and the whole village begins to search for them.

In Chapter 3

During the events of Chapter 3, Fassad stays at the inn in the middle room of its first and only floor. Handing the innkeepers money, they are confused, as money is not used in Tazmily Village, claiming it might make a good doorstop. At the end of the chapter, Kumatora and Wess rescue Salsa through the inn's window.

In Chapter 4

Three years later, it, along with the village, has grown from only one floor to a multi-floor commercial hotel, Hotel Yado.Unlike the previous game's hotels, Lucas can not stay the night here. Trivia Card 1 is found in a present in its lobby. A man residing in the hotel is hiding in his room, unable to pay the fee.

In Chapter 7

Later in the game, when all the people of Tazmily leave to New Pork City, the hotel closes down. The man who had been residing in the hotel without paying comes out to face his debt, only to find out that everyone had left. He then takes over the hotel and makes it his own.

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