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The Limousine (Japanese: リムジン Limousine) is a vehicle in Mother 3, making its only appearance at the end of Chapter 7. It has retractable wheels, and is capable of flight, serving as its main method of moving around.

In Mother 3

The limousine arrives outside Chupichupyoi Temple at the end of Chapter 7, driven by the Chauffeur. The chauffeur welcomes Lucas and his party, telling them that Porky had invited them to New Pork City. The limousine includes many items which look like they are usable, but in fact are not, and replicas that look real: a tabletop game, a billiards table, a stage, a blackjack table, a painting of a champagne tower, and grownup drinks, which are actually poison bottles. There is a Hot spring in the center. Elsewhere on the limousine is a sofa which Lucas' party may sit on, which leaves their faces red after sitting on it. Additionally, the player may choose to sit in the passenger seat and talk with the chauffeur. If they do this enough times, the chauffeur becomes irritated and asks Lucas to stop. Eventually, it arrives in New Pork City, and flies away.


Inside the Limousine
The inside of the Limousine.