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Hot spring

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Hot springs (Japanese: おんせん Hot springs) are a method of healing, first introduced in EarthBound.

In EarthBound

A hot spring can be found in Saturn Valley and Tenda Village, which heals status problems. After an earthquake in the Lost Underworld, two different types of hot springs may erupt out of the ground; a red one or a blue one. The blue ones restore HP, while the red ones cure most status ailments.

In Mother 3

A hot spring from Mother 3.

Hot springs are one of two main ways of healing in Mother 3. Hot springs fully heal HP and PP after around 7 seconds of relaxation, but aren't as fast as Instant Revitalizing Devices. Hot springs can be found all over the Nowhere Islands. Occasionally, an old man will appear in a hot spring, and ask "Yes?" when spoken to. Much more rarely, a lady appears, who says "Mixed gender bathing?" upon being spoken to. Lucas first meets Ionia in a hot spring, where she shows him his potential for PSI.

Memo description

"When you're tired from battle, feeling numb, or stricken with poison, nothing beats a dip in a hot spring. Every now and then, your friends who have lost consciousness will suddenly awake to find themselves in a hot spring. Perhaps some kind soul had carried them in? It's better not to ask."


  • In the EarthBound Player's Guide, the red hot spring is erroneously stated to recover HP, where it actually restores status problems; its purpose is stated correctly in a diagram below this error.
  • After rescuing Fuel from the burning cabin, both he and Flint will be covered in soot. Using the hot spring washes it of, but only on the bottom half, leaving their heads still covered in soot.
  • Attempting to enter a hot spring as Salsa while carrying a Happy Box promts the message "You'll be punished horribly and severely if you get your Happy Box wet! Don't risk it! It's not worth it!"
  • If any party member has a Fresh Egg on them and enters a hot spring, the fresh egg will turn into a Hot Spring Egg that restores 100 HP. An easy way to obtain hot spring eggs is to talk to the chicken in Murasaki Forest and use the hot spring. This can be done infinitely.
  • After eating hallucination-inducing mushrooms on Tanetane Island, if Lucas and company go into the "hot spring" and see the old man, he will take on the appearance of Fassad, and the lady will appear as Ionia.

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