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Clayman Factory

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Clayman Factory
ネンドじんこうじょう Clayman Factory

Clayman Factory

Nowhere Islands
Connected areas
Unknown Valley

The Clayman Factory is a factory run by Pigmasks. As its name suggests, its purpose is to manufacture Claymen.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 5

Lucas first visits the factory while in pursuit of the malfunctioning Clayman carrying the Egg of Light. He is mistaken for the commander of the Pigmask Army, and he and his party recieve Pigmask uniforms. They then continue through the western exit and onto the Highway, where they see a dump truck drive off with the Clayman.

In Chapter 7

In Chapter 7, Clayman production has ceased due to them not being needed anymore, and the factory is filled with Security Robots. Two Pigmasks and Pork Tanks remain just outside the southern entrance.

Shops and businesses

Vending Machine (Left)
  Name Price Effect
{{{Size}}} Cup of Pork Noodles 80 DP Restores 80 HP
{{{Size}}} Anti-Paralysis 14 DP Heals numbness
{{{Size}}} Fresh Mint 16 DP Heals nausea
{{{Size}}} Paper Fan 12 DP Heals confusion
{{{Size}}} Recollection Bell 20 DP Heals forgetfulness
{{{Size}}} Eye Drops 10 DP Heals crying
{{{Size}}} Secret Herb 600 DP Heals all status ailments

Vending Machine (Right)
  Name Price Effect
{{{Size}}} Better Stick 500 DP Weapon for Lucas
{{{Size}}} Durable Gloves 300 DP Weapon for Kumatora
{{{Size}}} Sharp Shoes 480 DP Weapon for Duster
{{{Size}}} Fly Charm 350 DP Armor for Lucas, Kumatora, and Duster
{{{Size}}} Sparrow Bandana 200 DP Armor for Duster
{{{Size}}} Azure Ribbon 180 DP Armor for Kumatora and Boney
{{{Size}}} Capricorn Bracelet 600 DP Armor for Lucas, Kumatora, and Duster


Sprite Enemy name Notes
PigmaskOverworld.png Pigmask Chapter 7 only
SecurityRobotOverworld.png Security Robot Chapter 7 only
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