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Chupichupyoi Temple

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Chupichupyoi Temple
チュピチュピョイしんでん Chupichupyoi Temple

Chupichupyoi outside.png
Outside of the temple.

Connected areas
Ionia's house
Chupichupyoi for World Heritage

Chupichupyoi Temple is a location in Mother 3. It is the location of the sixth Needle.


Inside the temple.

Chupichupyoi Temple is an ancient temple in Argilla Pass on the Nowhere Islands. It's historical purpose is never explained, however it is where one of the Seven Needles are found, that being Ionia's. The temple is isolated far from civilation, to the point where no residents of Tazmily Village know of its existance.

The entrance to the temple is blocked by vines which are frozen in time. The vines are immune to any force, the only way for them to be removed is to use the Waters of Time.


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Lucas and his companions must visit Chupichupyoi Temple, due to being where one of the Seven Needles are located. However, they cannot enter as the entrence is blocked by vines frozen in time. After recieving the Waters of Time, Lucas returns to find the members of the Pigmask Army, including the Masked Man, are trying to reach the needle first. The Masked Man attempts to destroy the vines to no avail, as Lucas approaches from behind. Once spotted, the Masked Man attacks Lucas and his party, to which the Franklin Badge reflects the lightning back to him to start a battle.

Once defeated, the Masked Man and the Pigmasks retreat allowing Lucas to use the Waters of Time on the vines. Once inside the temple, Lucas is able to pull the Needle. Before disappearing, Ionia arrives to teach Kumatora PK Starstorm by striking her with lightning. Upon exiting, Lucas is invited to go to New Pork City via a flying limousine, and Chapter 8 begins.

Memo description

"Deep, deep inside Mt. Oriander sits this temple with the unpronouncable name that not even the residents of Tazmily know about."


Sprite Enemy name Notes
MaskedManOverworld.png Masked Man Boss


  • Chupichupyoi Temple appears to be based on Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World that used to be an Inca site.
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