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Osohe Castle

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Osohe Castle
オソヘじょう Osohe Castle

Osohe Castle M3i.png
Exterior of Osohe Castle.

Osohe Castle
Ragtime Osohe*
The Room Too Mysterious*
Connected areas
Sunset Cemetery

Osohe Castle is an important location in Mother 3. It is located outside of Tazmily Village, and past the graveyard. Osohe Castle is also the main setting for Chapter 2.

Area description

The bazaar selling (from left) Fresh Mints, Rope Snake and Beef Jerky.

It is a very large castle, haunted by various ghosts inside. Many of the rooms are in ruins, such as large gaps in the floor or piles of debris blocking paths. As such, one must use unconventional methods to fully explore the castle.

Osohe Castle is known for the ghosts within, ranging from simple but hostile ghosts to poltergeists, and to friendly ghosts. The friendly ghosts frequently hold dinner parties in the dining room, and treasure Rotten Eclairs. They use rotten eclairs either for trade and barter, or as a food. One of the ghosts owns a bazaar, selling either Fresh Mints, Beef Jerky or a Rope Snake.

There are two enchanted doors inside of the castle, and can only be opened by doing a specific dance. Only a handful of people know and can perform the dance, such as Wess and Kumatora. However, Salsa also learns how to do the dance by closely observing the figures depicted on the nearby wall. These doors lead to secret areas, with one door leading to the basement and another leads to the upper levels of the castle. Inside of the basement, one door eventually leads to the Needle hidden away in the castle. Meanwhile, on the upper levels of the castle, various enchanted brooms lurk about and sweep away anyone in their way, putting them in a trash can on one of the lower levels. On one of the highest floors of the castle is the Egg of Light, which is closely guarded by various traps.


Warning! Spoiler warning: this article or section may contain major plot or ending details! Proceed with caution.

Osohe Castle has been on the Nowhere Islands for a very long period of time, even before the White Ship had arrived on the islands. The islands and the castle had once been ruled by King Osohe and Queen Senaka[1], although the kingdom seems to have been abandoned for an unknown reason. Kumatora's role in Tazmily Village's story is to be the princess of the castle.

The castle has many important objects inside of it, such as the Egg of Light or the Noble Spittoon. Wess had set up many traps inside of the castle to protect the Egg of Light from being stolen, as it was a very crucial item in keeping the townspeople's old memories from coming back. Either Wess or Duster were to retrieve the egg in case of emergencies, as they were the only ones who knew how to deactivate the traps.


During Chapter 2, Duster is tasked to retrieve a hidden treasure found deep in the castle. As the drawbridge wasn't lowered, he instead takes a detour below the Sunset Cemetery. Within the castle, he meets many friendly ghosts with one of which giving him the Rope Snake, whom he uses to cross the gaps in the castle to access the higher levels. Along the way a mysterious girl drops from the ceiling and leaves behind a pendant. He meets Mr. Passion who guards a room containing the Noble Spittoon, which he picks up after defeating Mr. Passion. Wess, outraged at Duster for bringing the wrong treasure, joins Duster to search for the real treasure in the castle, only to find that the Pigmask Army are also in search of the treasure. Wess preforms the Osohe Dance to open the door behind the room where the Noble Spittoon was found to reach the higher level of the castle. Along the way, they meet the mysterious girl revealed to be Kumatora, princess of the Osohe Castle, who joins them on their quest. When reaching the final room they find the real treasure, the Egg of Light. Hearing the Pigmasks approaching, Kumatora hastily grabs the Egg without knowing that it will set off a trap placed by Wess. The trapdoor opens and drops them into the underground where they are confronted by the Oh-So-Snake. After defeating it, the water drains and they are washed out of the castle.

The castle is featured later in Chapter 3. Fassad and Salsa. Fassad tasked the Pigmask Army to retrieve the Egg of Light, however upon arriving to see if it had been found, the Pigmasks have been defeated by Wess and Duster, as was shown in the previous chapter. Hearing how they are in the basement, Fassad forces Salsa to find them in the basement. Salsa preforms a version of the Osohe Dance to open the door to the basement. Inside they find a lever of which Salsa is told to pull, which causes the water to drain out along with Wess, Duster and Kumatora.

Lucas and Boney were tasked by Aeolia to find the Needle located behind the castle in the courtyard. Upon arriving, theu find it had already been pulled, later revealed to have been by the Masked Man. Lucas is then taught by Ionia about the history of the Seven Needles and is sent on a quest to be the one who pulls the Needles.

The castle is also visited in Chapter 5, albiet optionally. Lucas, Kumatora, Duster and Boney find Mr. Passion has returned to the castle as Lord Passion. They defeat him and retrieve Duster's special weapon, the Mystical Shoes.

Memo description

No one knows when this old, mysterious castle was built. Wess is said to have served here many years ago.


Introduced in Chapter 2

Item Location
Map.png Osohe Sketch 2F; in the kitchen
AquariusBracelet.png Aquarius Bracelet 3F; south of the gap
BattleMemory.png Battle Memory 1F; north from the main hall in the second-to-the-left door, guarded by Arachnid!s
BeefJerky.png Beef Jerky ×2
  • 1F; in the kitchen
  • 8F; in the broom room
ChickBandana.png Chick Bandana 2F; in the first room of the hall decorated by knight statues
DurableShoes.png Durable Shoes 3F; in the room with the Ghost Knight
EggOfLight.png Egg of Light In the final room of the castle
FleaCharm.png Flea Charm On the stairs between 5F and 6F
FreshMint.png Fresh Mint ×2
  • On the stairs between 1F and 2F
  • 1F; above the hot spring
NobleSpittoon.png Noble Spittoon 4F; in the room after defeating Mr. Passion
Pendant.png Pendant On the stairs between 3F and 4F
RottenEclair.png Rotten Eclair Given by a Friendly Ghost in the party room
RottenMilk.png Rotten Milk ×2
  • 1F; in the kitchen
  • 3F; near where Duster enters the castle
MagicPudding.png Magic Pudding 7F
MagicTart.png Magic Tart 9F, in front of the double doors
Sprintingbomb.png Sprinting Bomb 8F; in the broom room

Introduced in Chapter 3

Item Location
AncientBanana.png Ancient Banana On the lowest level of the basement
BeefJerky.png Beef Jerky ×2
  • From entering the basement, east of the ladder and up the stairs
  • On the lowest level of the basement
PiscesBracelet.png Pisces Bracelet At the bottom of the ladder into the basement

Introduced in Chapter 5

Item Location
MysticalShoes.png Mystical Shoes Defeat Lord Passion

Shops and Businesses

Ghost Bazaar

Ghost Bazaar
Item Price Effect
{{{size}}} Fresh Mint 1 Rotten Eclair Cures nausea
{{{size}}} Rope Snake 2 Rotten Eclairs Allows Rope Snake to join the party
{{{size}}} Beef Jerky 3 Rotten Eclairs Restores 60 HP


First trip in Chapter 2

Sprite Enemy name Notes
Stinkyghostoverworld.png Stinky Ghost None
Arachnid!Overworld.png Arachnid! None
BigBroOverworld.png Big Bro None
BarrelManOverworld.png Barrel Man None
GhostArmorOverworld.png Ghost Armor None
ArtsyGhostOverworld.png Artsy Ghost None
ViolentRoachOverworldM3.png Violent Roach None
StrawberrySlimeOverworld.png Strawberry Slime Optional enemy
CarpetMonsterOverworld.png Carpet Monster None
GhostSwordOverworld.png Ghost Sword None
GhostShieldOverworld.png Ghost Shield None
GhostKnightOverworld.png Ghost Knight None
RockinGhostOverworld.png Rockin' Ghost None
PseudoorOverworld.png Pseudoor None
MrPassionOverworld.png Mr. Passion Boss

New on the second trip in Chapter 2

Sprite Enemy name Notes
ClaymanOverworld.png Clayman Boss
PigmaskOverworld.png Pigmask None
ReconMechOverworld.png Recon Mech None
LingeringSpiritOverworld.png Lingering Spirit None
OsoheCapeOverworld.png Osohe Cape None
Oh-So-SnakeOverworld.png Oh-So-Snake Boss

New in Chapter 3

Sprite Enemy name Notes
CheerySkeletonOverworld.png Cheery Skeleton None
LilBigBroOverworld.png Li'l Big Bro None

New in Chapter 5

Sprite Enemy name Notes
LordPassionOverworld.png Lord Passion Optional boss; guards the Mystical Shoes

New in Chapter 7

Sprite Enemy name Notes
CleocatraOverworld.png Cleocatra None
BroTeamOverworld.png Bro Team None

Debug NPC

A character intended for use debugging the game has been discovered in Osohe Castle's script file. A proper method of activating the NPC is not clear; however, a method using the main Debug Room has been discovered. The NPC is intended to be used to teleport to various parts of Chapter 7.[2]

Area Events
Murasaki Forest Chimera Lab

Spec. Room
Ultimate Chimera
Doria's Gate
Pump Chimera
Heart Needle
Doria's Gate 2

Snowcap Mountain Lydia's House

Uninvited Guest
Riding Sled

Saturn Valley Saturn Bean

Saturn Valley
Tunnel Destroyed
Cerulean Beach

Tanetane Island Tanetane Beach

Funky Beach
Missy's House
Island Hill
Octopus Ride
Cerulean Beach

By going to Duster in the Debug Room, going to the right four times, selecting that option and leaving Oshoe Castle, by the grate to the right there'll be Doria, who will take the player to segments of Chapter 7 involving Doria. By going back to the Debug Room, going to Chapter 7, event "Cross Road", going back into the debug room and going to Chapter 2, event "Osohe Castle", using the walk-through-walls code (0200C492:FFFF), next to the drawbridge, other Magypsies shows up, taking the player to other chapters of the game.[3]


  1. No one's inside there, not even King Osohe or Queen Senaka - Nippolyte, upon being spoken to multiple times in a row in front of the castle.
  2. Mother 3 Script: Block 11
  3. Starman.net Unused debugging lines in game, finally found!
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