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Want to be a affiliate of WikiBound? It's free! Simply add yourself to the proper category below (and feel free to upload a file related to your site; visualization helps recruit members). Then take our logo, banner or something similar and put it on your site. And that's it - we are affiliates.

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Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance

Are you a member of NIWA? Then add your site down here.

Site button Name Interwiki shortcuts Description
ARMS Institute armswiki:
BP Banner.png Bulbapedia bulbapedia:
Dragalia Lost Wiki dragaliawiki:
Drawn to Life Wiki drawntolifewiki:
Fewiki-banner.png Fire Emblem Wiki fireemblem: A Fire Emblem Wiki that anyone can edit!
FZW Banner.png F-Zero Wiki fzerowiki: An F-Zero encyclopaedia that anyone can edit!
Golden Sun Universe goldensun:
Hard Drop Tetris harddrop:
BannerIcaruspedia.png Icaruspedia icaruspedia:
Inkipedia inkipedia:
Kingdom Hearts Wiki khwiki:
Kovopedia kovopedia:
LW Banner.png Lylat Wiki lylatwiki:
MW Banner.png Metroid Wiki metroidwiki:
Nookipedia-banner.png Nookipedia nookipedia: A wiki all about Animal Crossing!
Pikipedia pikipedia:
Pikmin Fanon pikminfanon:
Smash Wiki - Wikibound.png SmashWiki smashwiki: the Super Smash Bros. wiki
StarfyWiki Banner.png Starfy Wiki starfywiki: The number one Starfy resource!
SMW Banner.png Super Mario Wiki mariowiki
WW Banner.png Wars Wiki warswiki:
WKBanner.png WiKirby wikirby: A Wiki, about Kirby!
ZW Banner.png Zelda Wiki zeldawiki:



These are wikis, sites and more that we formed more than the usual Affiliates with. - A Nintendo Switch based matchmaking site. Check them out to play against other people who also have Switch games.

Official Discord Server

Interwiki code: switcher:



StrategyWiki is a website that hosts thousands of free, collaboratively-written video game strategy guides.

We've partnered with them to be our "official place" for walkthroughs, rather than host our own.

Offical Discord Server

Interwiki code: strategywiki:


Our official Discord Server.

The server has channels for people to chat about the wiki, Star Fox and more.

EarthBound Amino

Site Intro:

-Tonda gossa! Welcome to the world of EarthBound Amino!

-Here, we are all about Shigesato Itoi's MOTHER trilogy! You can ask for helpful tips and tricks, or share your experiences of the wonderful world of MOTHER. We have community events, beautiful fanart, interesting theories, crazy roleplays, and so much more!

-EarthBound (MOTHER 2) was released for the Super Nintendo in 1995 and for the Wii U virtual console in 2013. EarthBound Beginnings (MOTHER 1) was also released on the Wii U virtual console in 2015, it's first official localization. We have yet to hear about MOTHER 3's official translation and localization.

-Bowser, give us MOTHER 3...

Official Discord Server

Other Sites