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Mt. Oriander

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Mt. Oriander
オリシモやま Orishimo Mountain

Alec Mt Oriander M3i.png
Alec's house at Mt. Oriander.

Nowhere Islands
Connected areas
Alec's Log House
Sunshine Forest
Drago Plateau
Argilla Pass

Mt. Oriander is the name a mountain found in Mother 3, located north of Sunshine Forest. It is the first place visited in the game. Several Dragos can be found here, as well as some other domestic animals. However, they can only be seen before the Pigmask Army invasion. Mt. Oriander is a large region, consisting of various cliffs. Some of its areas can only be accessed using Duster's Wall Staples.


Mt. Oriander is the second tallest mountain on the Nowhere Islands, only beaten by Snowcap Mountain. It is the mountain to the west of the islands. Alec's log house is located on a plateau of the mountain, with Dragos often coming to visit east of his house. South of Alec's house is a river with Aeolia's house on the east side, with a series of cliffs to the west. Further south reaches Sunshine Forest.

Argilla Pass

Main article: Argilla Pass
Argilla Pass.png

Argilla Pass is accessed from taking the west path from the fork between the cliffside of Alec's house. Argilla Pass is a series of caves and cliffs, leading up to Ionia's house and the Chupichupyoi Temple, where one of the Seven Needles is found.

Drago Plateau

Main article: Drago Plateau
Drago Plateau.png

Drago Plateau is where Dragos lived peacefully prior to the Pigmask invasion. It is accessed from Murki Cave near Aeolia's house. It begins as a valley beside a river, which then leads up to the summit.


In the Prologue

During the Prologue, Hinawa, Lucas and Claus are visiting their grandfather Alec at his home. Lucas is woken up by Claus at the very start of the game to play with the Dragos outside. After play-fighting by dashing into them, Hinawa calls them inside to eat their favorite food. After eating, Hinawa sends a letter to Flint saying they miss him and will be home soon.

In Chapter 1

While searching for his family, Flint reaches a dead end at a cliffside at the base of the mountain. Wess asks to borrow Boney, tying a band to his collar and sending him to get Duster. Duster uses his Wall Staples to take Flint up further, where they find a scrap of cloth from Hinawa's dress. Further up, they find Pigmasks tampering with a caribou, which they send to attack Flint's party before running away. The Pigmasks accidentally leave a notebook that contains a memo detailing their plans for the Fascinating Chimera Project.

Later in the chapter, before he begins his search for Claus, Flint stops by at Alec's home, where Alec joins him. He takes Flint to Aeolia's house, who informs them that Claus is headed to the Drago Plateau to avenge his mother by killing the Drago that killed her. At the top of the Plateau, Flint defeats the Mecha-Drago, but Claus is nowhere to be found.

In Chapter 4

Alec's house is destroyed by lightning a while after the Pigmask Army take over Tazmily Village. The Oriander Observatory is planned to be built in place of his house, and Alec is moved to the Old Man's Paradise retirement home.

In Chapter 7

Lucas's party must travel to Aeolia's house in order to pull Aeolia's Needle. However, as Lucas arrives, Aeolia is already beginning to disappear, as the needle at Osohe Castle has already been pulled by the Masked Man. Towards the end of the chapter, Lucas travels through Mt. Oriander to reach Argilla Pass.

Enemies located here

Sprite Enemy name Notes
MoleCricketOverworld.png Mole Cricket Prologue - Attacks Lucas and Claus.
AgitatedBoarOverworld.png Agitated Boar Chapter 1
CragLizardOverworld.png Crag Lizard Chapter 1
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