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Chimeras are a generalized term for modified animals in Mother 3.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 1

During the Pigmask Army's invasion of Sunshine Forest, modified fireflies are set loose to cause havoc, and a mouse given a bug's wings retreats into Lighter's home. Later, while searching for his wife and two children, Flint sees a group of Pigmasks tampering with a caribou. The Pigmasks flee, leaving behind a notebook. Reading the notebook reveals that reconstructed animals are part of the Fascinating Chimera Project, the Pigmask Army's twisted plan to make the animals less boring by making them badder, rougher, and tougher, being one of the earliest steps in the Pigmask Army's plan. These Chimeras are created by attaching robotic parts, parts from other animals, or weapons to normal animals. At the end of the chapter, the Drago that killed Hinawa is revealed to have been a reconstructed Mecha-Drago.

In Chapter 4

Three years later, Chimeras are much more common, possibly more common than the original animals they take their parts from. A laboratory where Chimeras are put together is assembled.

In Chapter 7

When Lucas explores the Chimera Lab, the process for creating a Chimera is revealed. First, normal animals are encased in a freezer room until they are ready to be used. When they are placed on the operating table, they are operated on by hand with sharp tools, and stored in cages in the Chimera Lab's basement until they are shipped. Chimeras are revealed to have been tamed and kept as pets, with some going for as much as 12,500,000 DP; the lab also produces specialized food for them. Dr. Andonuts is also revealed to be involved in the production of the Chimeras. The Ultimate Chimera, a large, pink creature with large teeth, is escaped and runs rampant throughout the lab, being so dangerous that the building is sealed off. The Ultimate Chimera corners Lucas in a room with a conveyer belt, but Salsa jumps on the creature's back and presses a button to turn it off. To move the water from one pond to the other, Dr. Andonuts gives Lucas access to three Chimeras, being the Bucket Bros., the Pump Chimera, and the Dryguy.

In Chapter 8

The Ultimate Chimera reappears inside the Empire Porky Building inside of a restroom in the restroom maze.

Name origin

The term chimera originates from a creature in Greek mythology, which was depicted as being a mixture of a lioness, a snake and a goat, with the ability to breathe fire. However, the term is now used to more generally refer to any creature which are composed of parts of different animals.

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