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Chimera Laboratory

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Chimera Laboratory
キマイラけんきゅうじょ Chimera Laboratory

Murasaki Forest Chimera Lab.png
Outside the laboratory.

Connected areas
Murasaki Forest
It's Chimera Research

The Chimera Laboratory is a location in Mother 3. It is located to the left of Club Titiboo and Murasaki Forest. It belongs to the Pigmasks, and is filled with equipment, animal and Chimera skeletons, preserved bodies, as well as a few live Chimeras. Dr. Andonuts works here as one of the head scientists.

When Lucas arrives, he is again mistaken for a member of the army, and is given a part-time job in the laboratory. Pigmasks will not attack Lucas in this area during this time, although he cannot leave the vicinity.

Salsa and his girlfriend Samba are roaming around in the laboratory, and causing a problem for the Pigmasks, as they need Salsa's assistance to open a door to one of the Seven Needles. Lucas has been assigned to help find and capture them. After an encounter with them, leaving the room triggers a boss fight against the Almost Mecha-Lion.

After an encounter with the Almost-Mecha Lion, Lucas is informed of a "red Chimera with a huge mouth" and is also told how dangerous it is. After finding Salsa and clearing the area, the Ultimate Chimera is no longer a threat, but Pigmasks will recognize Lucas as an enemy, and will attack him.

After this, the Laboratory serves little to no purpose other than a few enemies needed for the Battle Memory.


Sprite Enemy name Notes
AlmostMecha-LionOverworld.png Almost Mecha-Lion Boss
PigmaskCaptainOverworld.png Pigmask Captain Only after pulling Doria's Needle
NicePoserOverworld.png Nice Poser Only after pulling Doria's Needle
SecurityRobotOverworld.png Security Robot Only after pulling Doria's Needle
ZombidilloOverworld.png Zombidillo Only after pulling Doria's Needle

Shops and businesses

Vending machine

Vending machine
  Name Price Effect
{{{Size}}} Very Good Stick 2000 DP Weapon for Lucas
{{{Size}}} Cup of Pork Noodles 80 DP Recovers 80 HP
{{{Size}}} Pork Stew 120 DP Recovers 100 HP
{{{Size}}} Antidote 8 DP Recovers from poison
{{{Size}}} Eye Drops 10 DP Recovers from Crying
{{{Size}}} Anti-Paralysis 14 DP Recovers from numbness
{{{Size}}} Fresh Mint 16 DP Recovers from nausia
{{{Size}}} Secret Herb 600 DP Restores most status ailments

Researcher's shop

Researcher's shop
  Name Price Effect
{{{Size}}} Offense Spray 1000 DP Raises Offense for the rest of the battle
{{{Size}}} Defense Spray 1000 DP Raises Defense for the rest of the battle
{{{Size}}} Enemy Bufferizer 800 DP Doubles enemy HP
Doubles EXP gain
{{{Size}}} Enemy Wimperizer 1200 DP Halves enemy HP
Halves EXP gain


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