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ドラゴだいち Highway

A segment of the highway

Connected areas
Candrum Underpass
Clayman Factory
Thunder Tower
Saturn Valley

The Highway (Japanese: ハイウェイ Highway) is a location in Mother 3 located in the mountains between Murasaki Forest and the eastern parts of the Nowhere Islands. First accessed in Chapter 5, it connects Thunder Tower to the Candrum Underpass, Saturn Valley, and several other areas. It is unknown when or who built the highway system, though it is likely to have been built by the Pigmask Army during the timeskip between Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

The highway system is large and is primarily used by members of the Pigmask Army as a form of transportation between different parts of the Nowhere Islands. The Pork Bean is a commonly used vehicle.


The player first enters the highway where the Clayman Factory is located. There are several charge stations for Pork Beans scattered around the highway, along with the Dur-T Café, a Pigmask selling explosives, and a small souvenir stand. Beginning at the Clayman Factory at the southernmost part, the highway makes a straight road westwards through several tunnels. It then splits into two roads and turns north into another tunnel. The left-hand road leads west to a recharge station, then it makes a fork with the road that continues east leads to the Candrum Underpass. The road that leads to the tunnel north, as well as the right-hand road, will continue north and eventually meet.

From there continuing north into another tunnel, there is an opening with another recharge station before turning east. The road then crosses a bridge then turns south reaching the pit stop with a fork leading either east or westbound. The Dur-T Café as well as a recharge station can be found here. The west path will pass through a tunnel, however the road is unfinished and thus reaches a dead end. Eastbound will then pass through a cave which then reaches the junkyard where the Forlorn Junk Heap is fought. Past that, the highway heads south underground to where the entrance to Thunder Tower is located, while east will eventually reach Saturn Valley.

There is a side quest here involving a mother mouse and her seven babies, which is required to get the Shield Snatcher. The seven mice can respectively be found outside the Clayman Factory, near the southern charging station, above the entrance to Candrum Underpass, near the northern charging station, on the bridge, and two are found in the cave east of the pit stop.


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Lucas and his team comes here in search of an old Clayman containing the Egg of Light. Mistaken for the commander, Lucas is lent a Pork Bean as a form of transportation, however he totals it after slipping on a banana peel. As the Fierce Pork Trooper is about to lend him another, he realizes the commander is actually Lucas in disguise and proceeds to battle him. He is defeated, however, allowing Lucas to take his Pork Bean. After searching throughout the highway, they reach the dump where the Clayman containing the Egg of Light was taken. One of the malfunctioned Claymen suddenly activates, and they are attacked by the Forlorn Junk Heap.

After defeating it, Duster finds the Egg of Light inside the Clayman he had previously hid it in, restoring his menory in the process. They are then brought to the Thunder Tower afterwards.


Item Location
Map.png Highway Map In the tunnel above the Pork Bean crash site
BrownCollar.png Brown Collar West of the Dur-T Cafe
ChicGloves.png Chic Gloves Central section of the highway
DoggyBiscuit.png Doggy Biscuit Next to the southernmost charging station
GeminiBracelet.png Gemini Bracelet In the cave leading to Candrum Underpass
KnitSweater.png Knit Sweater In a cave accessed within the cave east of Dur-T Café, in one of the many presents that can be opened after repeatedly speaking to Leo-Leo
PencilRocket.png Pencil Rocket Given by a stray dog near the northmost charging station after being given a Doggy Biscuit
SecretHerb.png Secret Herb Near the Chic Gloves
ShieldSnatcher.png Shield Snatcher Recieved from the mouse after finding her seven babies

Shops and businesses

Pigmask's shop

Pigmask's shop
Item Price Effect
{{{Size}}} Pencil Rocket 500 DP Bomb element damage to all enemies
{{{Size}}} Bomb 1000 DP Bomb element damage to all enemies
{{{Size}}} Super Bomb 2000 DP Bomb element damage to all enemies
{{{Size}}} New Year's Eve Bomb 3000 DP Drops enemy's HP to 1; could be a dud with no effect
{{{Size}}} Saltwater Gun 3000 DP Damages mechanical and fire-based enemies

Snack cart

Snack cart
Item Price Effect
{{{Size}}} Bag of Pork Chips 28 DP Restores 50 HP
{{{Size}}} Cup of Pork Noodles 80 DP Restores 80 HP
{{{Size}}} Fresh Mint 16 DP Cures nausea
{{{Size}}} Handy Yo-yo 650 DP Weapon for Lucas, Kumatora and Duster (Offense +20)
{{{Size}}} Secret Herb 600 DP Cures any status ailment and revives a fainted party member at 25% max HP
{{{Size}}} Souvenir Dress 1400 DP Armor for Kumatora (Defense +13)
{{{Size}}} Taurus Bracelet 1200 DP Armor for Lucas, Kumatora and Duster (Defense +13)


Chapter 5

Sprite Enemy name Notes
FiercePorkTrooper1Overworld.png Fierce Pork Trooper Boss
Wound-UpRoadHogOverworld.png Wound-Up Road Hog None
ScrappedRobotOverworld.png Scrapped Robot None
RoadBlockOverworld.png Road Block Required in some locations
AtomicPowerRobotOverworld.png Atomic Power Robot None
WobblyRobotOverworld.png Wobbly Robot None
ReconstructedLionOverworld.png Reconstructed Lion None
RhinocerocketOverworld.png Rhinocerocket None
BrightSmileOverworld.png Bright Smile Appears rarely
ForlornJunkHeapOverworld.png Forlorn Junk Heap Boss

Path to Saturn Valley (Chapter 7)

Sprite Enemy name Notes
FilthyAttackRoachOverworld.png Filthy Attack Roach None
NaughtyMushroomOverworld.png Naughty Mushroom None


Highway north.png
Northern section of the highway
Highway east.png
Eastern section of the highway
Highway west.png
Western section of the highway
Highway south.png
Southern section of the highway
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