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For information about the armor known as Bracelet in the Japanese version of Mother, see Ring
リング Bracelet
Goddess Band EB.png
Artwork of the Goddess Band from Mother 2's instructions booklet
Type Armor
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings (JP)*
Mother 3

Bracelets, also referred to as Bands, are equippable items which appear throughout the EarthBound series. They are used as armor in all their appearances.

Bracelets also appeared in EarthBound Beginnings, however only in the Japanese Famicom version, as they were changed to Rings in the English translation.


When equipped, Bracelets will increase the Defense of the holder by a varying amount, with some also increasing oter stats as well.

List of bracelets

In EarthBound Beginnings

Main article: Ring

In EarthBound

List of bracelets in EarthBound
Name Japanese Defense Price Additional effects Where to obtain

Cheap bracelet.jpg Cheap bracelet やすものうでわ
Cheap bracelet
+5 $98

Copper bracelet.jpg Copper bracelet どうのうでわ
Regular bracelet
+10 $349

Silver bracelet.jpg Silver bracelet ぎんのうでわ
Silver bracelet
+15 $599

Gold bracelet.jpg Gold bracelet きんのうでわ
Gold bracelet
+30 $2799 Fourside Grand Department Store
Summers Drugstore

Platinum band.jpg Platinum band プラチナのうでわ
Platinum bracelet
+40 $3899 Gold Mine (present)
Summers and Scaraba Drugstores

Diamond band.jpg Diamond band ダイヤのうでわ
Diamond bracelet
+50 $9998
Summers Drugstore
Pyramid (sarcophagus)
Deep Darkness

Pixie's bracelet.jpg Pixie's bracelet ようせいのうでわ
Pixie's bracelet
+60 $1590 Luck +10
Blocks sleeping
Stonehenge Base (present)

Cherub's band.jpg Cherub's band てんしのうでわ
Angel's bracelet
+70 Luck +20
Blocks sleeping
Fire Spring (present)

Goddess band.jpg Goddess band めがみのうでわ
Goddess's bracelet
+80 Luck +30
Blocks sleeping
Magicant (present)

Mother 3

List of bracelets in Mother 3
Name Japanese Defense Price Additional effects Where to obtain

AriesBracelet.png Aries Bracelet やぎのうでわ
Aries Bracelet
+3 N/A
A bracelet of the Aries zodiac sign. Defense +3.

AquariusBracelet.png Aquarius Bracelet みずがめのうでわ
Aquarius Bracelet
+5 N/A
A bracelet of the Aquarius zodiac sign. Defense +5.

PiscesBracelet.png Pisces Bracelet うおのうでわ
Pisces Bracelet
+7 160 DP Thomas's Bazaar (Chapter 4-7)
Sunshine Forest (present)
A bracelet of the Pisces zodiac sign. Defense +7.

CapricornBracelet.png Capricorn Bracelet ひつじのうでわ
Capricorn Bracelet
+9 600 DP Small Cave
Unknown Valley
A bracelet of the Capricorn zodiac sign. Defense +9.

GeminiBracelet.png Gemini Bracelet ふたごのうでわ
Gemini Bracelet
+12 N/A Offense +10 (Lucas only) Highway (present)
Defense +12. Offense +10.

TaurusBracelet.png Taurus Bracelet うしのうでわ
Taurus Bracelet
+15 1200 DP Highway
A bracelet of the Taurus zodiac sign. Defense +15.

CancerBracelet.png Cancer Bracelet かにのうでわ
Cancer Bracelet
+20 1400 DP Snowcap Mountain
A bracelet of the Cancer zodiac sign. Defense +20.

LeoBracelet.png Leo Bracelet ししのうでわ
Leo Bracelet
+25 1600 DP Saturn Valley
A bracelet of the Leo zodiac sign. Defense +25.

VirgoBracelet.png Virgo Bracelet おとめのうでわ
Virgo Bracelet
+26 N/A PP +10 (Kumatora only) Sea Floor Dungeon (present)
Defense +26. Maximum PP +10.

LibraBracelet.png Libra Bracelet てんびんのうでわ
Libra Bracelet
+30 2400 DP Tanetane Island
A bracelet of the Libra zodiac sign. Defense +30.

ScorpioBracelet.png Scorpio Bracelet さそりのうでわ
Scorpio Bracelet
+35 2800 DP New Pork City
A bracelet of the Scorpio zodiac sign. Defense +35.

SagittariusBracelet.png Sagittarius Bracelet いてのうでわ
Sagittarius Bracelet
+45 N/A Empire Porky Building
A bracelet of the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Defense +45.

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