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Dollar (often abbreviated as $; Japanese: ドル Dollar) is the standard currency used in Mother and EarthBound, which likely is due to the fact that the overworlds, where the games mainly take place in, are based on America. In both games, money is mainly obtained by defeating enemies, where the amount of money that is gained usually depends on the stat values of the enemy. The money isn't obtained directly after the defeat of an enemy, as the protagonist's father will transfer the money that has been indirectly achieved to one's bank account. Money can then be withdrawn from or deposited to ATMs by the use of a Cash Card in Mother, and an ATM card in EarthBound. In EarthBound, the player can carry a maximum of $99,999.

Money is a substanital element in both games, as it's exchanged with goods and services from stores, hospitals and hotels throughout the games, in order to restore one's HP and PP, and to obtain new items or upgrade older ones; which primarily are used to increase or heal certain stats during one's journey, and to assist one during battles by inflicting additional damage to enemies, or to have them exposed to status ailments.

The dollar is succeeded by Dragon Power in Mother 3, which serves as the game's main currency.

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