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ATM in EarthBound
ATM in Mother

An ATM (short for Automatic Teller Machine) is an object that appears in EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound. In both games, Ninten's or Ness's dad will add money to the account in the ATM whenever you defeat an enemy. Ninten or Ness can use their Cash Cards to withdraw and deposit money from them. They can be found in most drug stores, and in EarthBound, hotels. In EarthBound, they can hold a total amount of up to $9,999,999. When all characters in the party are knocked out, no money that is stored in an ATM machine will be lost, although the amount of money the party currently carries will be decreased by half. ATMs are replaced in Mother 3 by Save Frogs, which serve as a combined version of ATMs and phones.

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