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テレパシー Telepathy
Ninten trying Telepathy.
Ranks None
Target Overworld only
PSI category Other
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
Learned by Ninten

Telepathy is a special PSI technique, only appearing in EarthBound Beginnings. When used outside of battle, it allows the user to read into certain people's minds and communicate with certain spirits.

There are only a few uses for Telepathy, with most of the uses relating to Magicant and Ninten's Great Grandparents in some way. Plot related uses of Telepathy are often signaled by an XX marking in the near vicinity. This includes the shell that marks the entrance to Magicant, and the XX Stone atop Mt. Itoi. In conjunction with the Great Grandfather's Diary, Telepathy is used to enter Magicant before the Fish Hook is acquired. Telepathy is required to enter Magicant, Queen Mary's castle and learn the Eighth Melody. Telepathy is also required for a few sidequests, including returning an old Man's false teeth and smaller functions such as using the center fountain in Magicant as an ATM.

Telepathy has no use in battle.

In EarthBound, Paula uses Telepathy to call Ness and later Jeff, though the ability does not appear in gameplay. Paula's ability Pray may be related to Telepathy in some way, however.


If Ninten is incapacitated and Ana uses Telepathy atop Mt. Itoi, Ninten's Great Grandfather George will replace Ninten's name with Ana while speaking. The text is not otherwise modified however, causing George to call Ana as his Great Grandson by mistake.

In EarthBound Beginnings

Rank Effect PP Characters Level learned
None Allows for mind reading 1 Ninten

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