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Magicant (EarthBound Beginnings)

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This article is about the location in EarthBound Beginnings known as Magicant. For other uses see Magicant (disambiguation).
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マジカント Magicant

Magicant M1.png
Magicant as it appears in EarthBound Beginnings.

Connected areas
Magicant Underground
Queen Mary's Castle

Magicant (Japanese: マジカント Magicant) is a location in EarthBound Beginnings. It is a world that was created and resides in Maria's mind and is ruled by her. Ninten first accesses this world by reading a passage of George's diary in front of a mysterious pink rock known as "God's tail"[1] in a cave, and he can return at anytime by using the Onyx Hook.

In EarthBound there also exists a variation Magicant, however it is different from this Magicant.


Magicant's starting point in EarthBound Beginnings

EarthBound Beginnings's variation of Magicant takes place in Maria's mind, with her world being characterized by light green rivers and a pink cloud-like ground. There are many things here, such as shops selling the only defensive equipment in the game, a hospital and hotel free of charge; and the Mysterious Goods-Keeper that Ninten can give items to for storing, and the Mysterious Mimicker that acts as a save point. There is also an abundance of Red Weeds in Magicant, which when taken to Queen Mary's Fountain, will turn into Magic Herbs. With the Onyx Hook that is obtained in Magicant Underground, the player can return to Magicant anytime.

Points of interest

Queen Mary's Castle

Main article: Queen Mary's Castle
Queen Mary's Castle

The castle where Queen Mary resides. In here there are many rooms, some are empty and some have items. The player can speak to Queen Mary who wants the remember a song that she used to sing.

Queen Mary's fountain

Queen Mary's Fountain

To the west of the castle is a fountain. Here, the player can use telepathy to summon the Benevolent Old Man, who acts as an ATM for the player to withdraw money (In Mother he instead is a healer for status ailments such as poison or stone). The player can also put a Red Weed into the fountain, turning it into a Magic Herb.

Flying Man house

To the north of Queen Mary's Castle is a house containing five Flying Men. Upon spoken to one will assist the player in any battle throughout Magicant until he dies, then a gravestone will appear next to the house for each Flying Man who was killed in battle. Once all five Flying Men are killed they're all gone.


Magicant Hospital

The north west section of the town has a hospital and a hotel. The hospital will restore heal any player with full HP and cure any status condition, including unconsciousness.

The hotel functions identically to the hotels in the real world and can be used for free. Resting in it will restore all party members to full health including Flying Man.

The shops are located in the north east section of town. Each individual shop sells different items: the shopkeeper in blue sells coins, the shopkeeper in pink sells rings (bracelets in Mother), and the shopkeeper in red sells pendants.

Outside of town in the forest to the left has a house with a guitarist who gives hints to where each of the melodies are located.


Ninten arrives here via using telepathy on a mysterious rock-like object outside of Podunk. He hears a voice speaking into his mind, asking for a "password", saying "Who has lost its tail?" (Japanese: "Where is God's tail?"), then, by reading a passage from the Great Grandfather's diary, he warps into Magicant. He then goes to Queen Mary's Castle where he meets Queen Mary, who is the ruler of Magicant. She begs Ninten to learn a certain song she used to sing that is 8 notes long. Later, after Ninten collects all 8 of the notes, he and his friends return to Magicant to sing the song to Queen Mary (in the original Famicom version he instead returns to Magicant after collecting the 7th melody, then sings it to Queen Mary who remembers the 8th melody on her own). Upon hearing the full song, Queen Mary remembers that she is George's wife Maria, and that she raised Giegue as a child. She then joins her husband George in heaven, and in the process Magicant disappears.



Left Shop
Coin salesman.png
Item Price Effect
Magic herb.jpg Magic Herb $30 Heals 30 HP.
Peace coin.jpg Peace Coin $260 Increases Defense by 5.
Protect coin.jpg Protection Coin $648 Increases Defense by 11.
Magic coin.jpg Magic Coin $1200 Increases Defense by 20.


Middle Shop
Ring salesman.png
Item Price Effect
Magic herb.jpg Magic Herb $30 Heals 30 HP.
Brass ring.jpg Brass Ring $460 Increases Defense by 8.
Silver ring.jpg Silver Ring $825 Increases Defense by 14.
Gold ring.jpg Gold Ring $1510 Increases Defense by 28.


Right Shop
Pendant salesman.png
Item Price Effect
Repel ring.jpg Repel Ring (ENG)
Friendship Ring (JP)
$160 Prevents from encountering enemies weak compared to player. (ENG)
Does nothing. (JP)
H2o pendant.jpg H2o Pendant $700 Halves damage taken from PK Fire.
Fire pendant.jpg Fire Pendant $700 Halves damage taken from PK Freeze.
Earth pendant.jpg Earth Pendant $700 Halves damage taken from PK Thunder.


Item Location
Big bag.jpg Big Bag From the NPC in the south western-most house after Ninten lends him his Cash Card
Magic candy.jpg Magic Candy From the swimming cat at the beginning of Magicant after answering "No" when Lloyd is in the party
Magic herb.jpg Magic Herb From the fountain upon placing a Red Weed inside
Magic ribbon.jpg Magic Ribbon From the cat swimming on the ground when Ana is in the party
Ocarina.jpg Ocarina From the NPC in the lone house in the eastern portion of the town
Red weed.jpg Red Weed From the red colored weed outside Queen Mary's Castle


Sprite Enemy name Notes
BigWoodoh.gif BigWoodoh Explodes upon defeat.
May drop a Noble Seed.
Dadseyes.gif Dadseyes None
Foureyes.gif Foureyes None
Groucho.gif Groucho May say "Hello", and walk away, giving more experience than defeating it in battle.
MagicSnail.gif Magic Snail Has quite high Defense.
Momseyes.gif Momseyes Can do a continous attack.
RaebYddet.gif Raeb Yddet When it spawns closer to the side, it may call a Sky Yddet to battle.
SkyYddet.gif Sky Yddet Has a dangerous "Final Blow" attack, which also defeats itself.
Watcher.gif Watcher None
Woodoh.gif Woodoh None

In the Super Smash Bros. series

Magicant from EarthBound Beginnings appears as a stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, although it also has minor references to EarthBound's as well. The main feature in this stage are the Flying Men which assist the first player to reach them. They will fight for the player until they get KO'd. Similar to how they work in the EarthBound games, there are five in all, and once all five are defeated, none will respawn. In the background is a "rip" in the sky, showing scenes from Ninten and Ness's adventure. Other elements include a tree, a Mobile Sprout, a giant tomato, the Sky Runner, an octopus statue, and the Dungeon Man. Magicant also returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and received a large graphical update. Gameplay wise, it is identical to its appearance in the 3DS version of Smash 4. Oddly Queen Mary's Castle is absent in both games it appears in.

Trophy description

"A magical world in Mother and EarthBound, brought to life by the memories of certain characters. In this game, Magicant is a cloud stage where giant tomatoes, metal octopuses, and even the Sky Runner may appear. Even the hulking Dungeon Man may show up. What an unusual battlefield..."

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Magicant -
French Magicant -
German Magicant -
Italian Magicant -
Korean 매지컨트
Russian Грезия
Spanish Magicant -


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