Ninten's house

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Ninten's house
ぼくの住んでる家/にんてんのいえ My/Ninten's house

Ninten's house as it appears in Mother.

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Ninten's house (also referred to as My Home; マイホーム) is a location in Mother, which lies in the northern portion of the town of Podunk, and is where the story first takes place. It is the home of Ninten, Mimmie, Minnie, Carol, and his dog, who lives in a doghouse outside.

In Mother

In the beginning of the game, a poltergeist invades Ninten's home and brings several inanimate objects to life, making them hostile in the process. Ninten must fight one lamp, alternatively two if he chooses to aid Minnie, and one doll, which is present in Mimmie's room, before the poltergeist disappears. After the doll is defeated, it is revealed to contain a music box that plays the first melody. Ninten's father then calls Ninten and tells him that it is time for him to explore the potential of his powers by going on an adventure. He then tells him that there is something in the house's basement which may help him during his quest; he has however forgotten where the key to the basement is, but it is later found on the collar of Ninten's dog. Located in the basement is Ninten's great-grandfather's diary, which acts as an essential plot element later in the game. If Ninten returns home during his adventure, his mother Carol will cook his favorite food and send him to bed, restoring his HP and PP to the maximum for free, functioning similarly to a Hotel. It does not restore status ailments, however.

During the game's ending, Ninten returns to his home, and is greeted by his mother and sisters; his mother remarks on how unbelievable it is that he isn't hungry. He later falls asleep in his bed as the Earth's crisis is over, and the image of him sleeping is left throughout the cast roll until it reaches the end credits.



  Enemy name Notes
Doll.gif Doll Boss - reveals the first melody
Lamp.gif Lamp A maximum of two Lamps can be fought
Rat.gif Rat Only found in the basement


Ninten's house
Ninten and Mick outside of the house.


  • In the Japanese Famicom version, the Map is located in one of the presents in the house's basement, it was however replaced with Bread in the English prototype and Mother 1+2 port, where the map instead can be accessed via the Start button.
  • While Mimmie or Minnie is giving out Orange Juice, speaking to them again will allow Ninten to recieve another Orange Juice, allowing infinite amounts of them.

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