Mislay Triangle

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Mislay Triangle
予言者の家 Prophet's Place

The Mislay Triangle as it appears in Mother.

Connected areas

The Mislay Triangle is a location in Mother, which lies to the north of Reindeer. A man who is rumored to haven't had a single cold in 300 years lives in a building there, but when Ninten meets him for the first time, he talks incomprehensively. However, beneath a sign, which can be reached by walking counterclockwise around the building, his dentures can be found, and must be returned to him in order to make him able to speak coherently again. He will reward Ninten by telling him the secret to his immunity to colds, which is revealed to be thanks to the use of Mouthwash. He then fills the remaining space of Ninten's and his friends' inventories with Mouthwash for free. A young boy, who also resides in the building, will from that point and on sell Mouthwash for $10 each, which can be used as an effective way to earn money, as Mouthwash can be sold for $87 each in most stores.

Immune Old Man's Apprentice [[File:|left]]
Name Price Effect
Mouthwash $10 Cures a cold

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