Sweet's Little Factory

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Sweet's Little Factory
スイートリトルこうじょう Sweet Little Factory

Sweet Little Factory
The exterior of Sweet's Little Factory.

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Sweet's Little Factory (also referred to as Sweet-Little Factory) is a location in Mother. It was founded in 1955. [1] Ninten first sees Sweet's Little Factory after exiting Magicant. He first actually goes into the factory as a request from Lloyd, a boy from Twinkle Elementary School who wants a Bottle Rocket. The factory isn't very large nor does it possess many strong enemies.



  Enemy name Notes
Barbot.gif Barbot None
Rat.gif Rat None


  • The trash can found inside the factory holds an infinite amount of bottle rockets, presumably to prevent the player from throwing the item away, as it is required to have Lloyd join the party.


  1. Encyclopedia Mother, p. 59
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