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イースタの町 Easter Town


Connected areas
Yucca Desert

Youngtown is a town in Mother. The majority of the adults living in the town have disappeared when Ninten and his friends first arrive there, leaving the town's children worried and frustrated. A baby in the town will teach both Ninten and Ana Teleport when telepathically interacted with. Youngtown has a population of 20 individuals, an average temperature of 12°C, and its main industry is forestry.[1]

Notably, a version of the music from Youngtown was re-used in EarthBound as a theme associated with Paula.


Throughout the course of the game, the majority of the inhabitants of Youngtown are children, exceptions being Tom Garrickson and presumably the salesman in the town's drug store, as the adults of the town have disappeared. Several children either express concern over the whereabouts of their parents,[2][3][4] or ask the party to comfort them.[5][6][7] One boy remarks on how he heard the voice of his father coming from the mountains beyond Ellay, being the location were the adults of the town are revealed to be held captive.[8] One girl also mentions how a "big ship from the sky" took her parents away, implying that they were abducted.[9]

A church which remains empty throughout the game is located in the center of the town, likely being due to the abduction of the town's adults. In the northwestern portion of the town lies the home of the Garrickson family. Located inside of the house are Tom Garrickson, and a girl and a baby, presumably being his children. The baby possesses psychic abilities, and teaches Teleport to Ninten and Ana when exposed to Telepathy.

To the north of the town is a train station, which cannot be used due to the destruction of a bridge that connects the station's railroad tracks with the other train stations.


Youngtown is the fifth biggest, or third smallest, settlement in the game, featuring an area of 7,643 square meters,[1] surpassing Spookane and Snowman. The town consists of thirteen buildings (excluding the train station), four of which are accessible, being the town's church, inn, and drug store, and the house of the Garrickson family. The town is situated in a forest, and can only be accessed through a wooden fence to the north or via a bridge to the east. The trees located in the town and the trees surrounding the northern and eastern portions of the town are mainly needle-covered trees, as opposed to the more frequent leaf-covered ones. Youngtown and Snowman are the only towns in the game (excluding the town area in Magicant) that features no walkways; the trees of the town does however create defined paths between the town's different areas.

To the north of the town lies Yucca Desert, and to the east of the town lies the swamp.


After having accessed Yucca Desert, Ninten, Lloyd and Ana eventually reach Youngtown, where the majority of the adults have been abducted, leaving the remainder of the residents of the town in panic. The party passes through the town in order to reach the swamp leading to the city of Ellay. A baby also teaches Ninten and Ana how Teleport to other towns.

After the defeat of Giegue, the party frees all of the abducted adults, whom are reunited with the children in the town.


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Drug store

Drug store [[File:|left]]
Item Price Effect
Bread.jpg Bread $30 Heals around 20 HP; Can be made into Bread Crumbs.
Lifeup cream.jpg Life Up Cream $194 Heals 999 HP to a party member.
Nonstick pan EBB.jpg Non-stick Pan $700 Weapon for Ana
Air gun.jpg Air Gun $1400 Weapon for Lloyd


The inn in Youngtown charges no fee. This is due to the abduction of the town's adults, causing the inkeeper's son who is in charge of the inn to not be concerned about money.[10]


Sprite Enemy name Notes
Nancy.gif Nancy None
OmegaSaucer.gif OmegaSaucer None
Red Snake Red Snake May drop a Magic Coin
Spider.gif Spider None
StarmanM1.gif Starman May drop a PSI Stone
Titanees.gif Titanees Have very high defense
UltraBarbot.gif UltraBarbot May drop a Plasma Beam


Map of Youngtown from Encyclopedia Mother.
Image of Youngtown from Encyclopedia Mother.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Easter Town Named after Easter
English Youngtown "Young" likely references how the town is inhabited by children due to their parents being abducted


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