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レインディアの町 Reindeer Town

Reindeer as it appears in Mother.

Connected areas
Bell Forest
Mislay Triangle
Reindeer Forest

Reindeer, or Reindeer Town, is a town in Mother. Unlike the other towns in Mother, it is almost entirely optional for the party to visit, with Ninten and his friends only needing to visit the train station once to find Ana's hat. To the north of the town is the Mislay Triangle, a mountainous area most known for being home to an infamous old man who has supposedly never been sick in his life. Reindeer has a population of 41 individuals, an average temperature of 17°C, and its main industries are commerce and agriculture.[1]


In Reindeer, there are rumors about a generous old man who supposedly hasn't had a cold in 300 years, who lives in the mountains north of the town.[2][3] A man in the northern portion of the town can be seen peeking into the window of one of the houses, and when spoken to, he gets startled and says that he is studying indoor architecture;[4] a man hiding in between some trees in the southern area of the town talks about the unimportance of existence;[5] another man states that he doesn't believe in psychic powers;[6] and a boy in the town's southern area sings a song for the party, being the same tune that is played in the Live House in Ellay, and it is then mentioned that Ninten didn't want to remember the melody,[7] likely referencing his quest of retrieving the Eight Melodies. Two individuals in the town break the fourth wall by acknowledging the fact that they are in a game.[8][9] Two other people mention the neighboring town of Spookane, which is infamous for its ghost house.[10][11] Nearby the town's department store, a man asks Ninten to take care of $423 for him, telling him to not tell it for the cops;[12] he later tells Ninten to leave him alone, as he is incognito.[13] An old woman on the second floor of the town's hotel and a man in the southwestern portion of the town will give the leading party member a cold when spoken to; a man in the town's hospital will start to cough when interacted with,[14] none of the party members will however receive a cold from him. There are also two policemen in the town; one asks Ninten if he has seen a "man with a slick mustache",[15] who is a swindler;[16] and one asks him if he has seen a "woman with a big belly",[17] who ate five of whatever the player chose as their favorite food without paying.[18] If Ninten answers yes to the policemen, the former cop will say that he instead is going to check for parking violations,[19] while the latter says that he instead is going to check for speeders.[20] An overweight individual can be found behind some trees in the southern area of the town, who states the she is full,[21] presumably being the one the policeman is looking for. A girl in the southern portion of the town asks Ninten to give her something,[22] promising that she will give him something in return;[23] whatever is given to her, she will always reward him with a Flea Bag.[24]

Bell Forest

Bell Forest (ベルの森)[25] is a forest located in the northern portion of Reindeer, being inaccessible and of little importance during the course of the game.

Reindeer Forest

Reindeer Forest (トナカイの森)[26] is an inaccessible forest which lies in the southeastern portion of Reindeer. The name is likely derived from the name of the city it is located in; the Japanese names of the city and the forest do however differ from each other, but they are synonyms, both referring to the same animal.


Reindeer is the largest settlement in the game, featuring an area of 19,974 square meters.[1] Reindeer consists of thirty-six single-family detached homes (excluding the healer's house), all of which feature triangular roofs, and twenty-five multi-storied buildings, all being shaped like cuboids. Additionally, twenty-one doghouses can be found throughout the town (excluding the one next to the healer's house), being located near their presumably corresponding houses. Reindeer's train station lies in the northern outskirts of the town. The multi-storied buildings are situated in the southern portion of the town, five of which can be accessed; being the town's burger shop, department store, hospital and hotel. The majority of the single-detached dwellings are located in the northwestern portion of the town, but a number of them are located in different locations throughout the settlement; none of the houses are accessible, however. Three of the houses in the town do also have gardens that are enclosed by bushes and trees. In the northeastern portion, six wooden enclosures are located, two of which contain houses, and four of which contain plants, presumably being farm-related.

The entire town is surrounded by forest, and can as a result not be accessed from south. The northern area of the town features distinct patches of grass, while the southern area features patches of pink flowers; one enclosed flowerbed can even be found in the southeasternmost area of the town. When reaching the southern portion of the town, the walkways appear to be made out of asphalt concrete. A small body of water can also be found in the eastern portion of the town.

To the east of Reindeer lies Spookane. Other nearby locations include the Mislay Triangle to the north, and the train tunnel separating Reindeer from Merrysville and the Union Station, also lying to the north.


Ninten and Lloyd head to Reindeer after clearing the rock-filled path to Union Station. They meet an elderly woman at Reindeer's train station, whom gives them a hat, believing it to be the property of a young girl in Snowman.


Department store

2nd Floor

Name Price Effect
Antidote $20 Recovers from poison.
Asthma Spray $148 Recovers from an asthma attack.
Life Up Cream $194 Completely recovers HP.
Insecticide $300 Defeats all insect enemies; single use.

3rd Floor

Sports Goods
Saleswoman M1.png
Name Price Effect
Aluminum Bat $1000 Weapon for Ninten.
Boomerang $1100 Weapon for everyone.

4th Floor

Clerk M1.png
Name Price Effect
Orange Juice $5 Restores 10 HP.
Bread $30 Restores 20 HP; Can be made into Bread Crumbs.
Sports Drink $75 Restores 100 HP.
Strawberry Tofu $975 Restores 10 HP.

5th Floor

5th Floor
Clerk M1.png
Name Price Effect
Bomb $280 Single-use item for Lloyd; deals 60-80 HP of PK Fire damage to all enemies.
Laser Beam $760 Multiple-use item for Lloyd; deals 30-40 HP of PK Beam damage to one enemy with a 12.5% chance of breaking.
Plasma Beam $1300 Multiple-use item for Lloyd; deals about 80 HP of PK Beam damage to one enemy with a 12.5% chance of breaking.

Burger shop

Burger Shop
Name Price Effect
Orange Juice $5 Restores 10 HP.
French Fries $15 Restores 20 HP.
Hamburger $25 Restores 50 HP.


The hotel in Reindeer charges $100 per person.


The hospital in Reindeer charges $60 per person to treat status ailments, and $300 per person for revival.


To the north of the town, there is a healer who charges $45 to "refresh" a party member (restore all PP) and $75 to "soften" a party member (cure Stone status ailment).

Train station

The train station in Reindeer offers rides to three different stations for a constant price per person. If a character is unconscious, they are excluded when calculating the total cost for riding a train.

Station Price
Union Station $16
Spookane $9
Snowman $20


  Enemy name Notes
BagLady.gif Bag Lady May drop a Hamburger
Eagle.gif Eagle None
Fugitive.gif Fugitive None
LilSaucer.gif Lil Saucer None
MadCar.gif Mad Car None
MadTruck.gif Mad Truck None
ManiacTruck.gif ManiacTruck None
PsychoCar.gif Psycho Car None
PsychoTruck.gif PsychoTruck None
Rope.gif Rope May drop a Rope


Bell Forest.
Reindeer Forest.
Map of Reindeer from Encyclopedia Mother.
Image of Reindeer from Encyclopedia Mother.


  • In the Japanese Famicom version, Reindeer's department store doesn't have a fifth floor; the items which are present there in the English prototype and Mother 1+2 port are thus unavailable for purchase.


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