Ruins of Desert

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Ruins of Desert
沙漠の遺跡 Ruins of Desert

Ruins of Desert
The entrance to the Ruins of Desert as it appears in Mother.

Connected areas
Yucca Desert
For the similar monkey-inhabited location in EarthBound, see Monkey Cave.

The Ruins of Desert[1] is an area in Mother. It is located in Yucca Desert, but it is guarded by R7037, which is invincible without the tank. To get in, Ninten must ride the plane ten times to gather enough ticket stubs for a ride on the tank. It is a big, maze-like grotto filled with monkeys. A lot of the monkeys will lie; however, some of them do give useful hints. One of the monkeys will give Ninten's party a Quick Capsule. An XX stone leading to Magicant is at the deepest part of the caves.

The ruins have an area of 13,986 square meters, consist of two floors and are inhabited by 15 monkeys and 1 penguin. It took approximately 1000 years for the original construction to be built before it was ruined for unknown reasons.[1]



Map of Ruins of Desert from Encyclopedia Mother
Image of Ruins of Desert from Encyclopedia Mother


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