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Mt. Itoi Base

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Mt. Itoi Base
ホーリー•ローリー•マウンテン Holy Loly Mountain

Mt. Itoi Base as it appears in EarthBound Beginnings.

Connected areas
Cave of Mt. Itoi

The Mt. Itoi Base is the short segment located between Ellay and Mt. Itoi Caves.


The base is accessed from heading out of Ellay from the north east, then heading south. The path is mostly linear and is bordered by two rivers. After going south a bridge can be found, and upon crossing it will lead to a forest with a small rest house where the player can either sleep for a full heal, or get Life Up Creams for free. The path continues east then turns north, and ends at a cave that leads to the Mt. Itoi Caves.

Similar to Magicant Underground, the forest path was altered during localization to being a linear path to the cave: in Mother the path was more of a maze with many misleading paths between the trees, whereas in EarthBound Beginnings and Mother 1+2 the misleading paths were blocked by trees. Interestingly in Mother a group of trees form the shape of a question mark (?).


Item Location
Lifeup cream.jpg Life Up Cream Given by the man in the rest house upon answering "Lifeup"


Sprite Enemy name Notes
Buffalo.gif Buffalo None
EnergyRobot.gif EnergyRobot None
OmegaSaucer.gif OmegaSaucer None
Seagull.gif Seagull None
StarmanM1.gif Starman May drop a PSI Stone
UltraBarbot.gif UltraBarbot May drop a Plasma Beam


Mt. Itoi Base in the Japanese Famicom version.

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