Yucca Desert

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Yucca Desert
アドベントさばく Advent Desert

Yucca Desert.png
Yucca Desert as it appears in Mother

Connected areas
Ruins of Desert
Union Station

The Yucca Desert is a vital area in Mother, found east of Union Station, and north of Youngtown. In it, Ninten can find a cactus that will sing one of the Eight Melodies when its mind is read via Telepathy. While train tracks normally would travel through the desert, the tracks are broken, requiring Ninten to trek the path toward Youngtown on foot.

A man in the central oasis in the desert will offer Ninten a ride in his plane, which reveals the location of the singing cactus if he chooses the first course. He will also give any characters who are not unconscious a ticket stub. If Ninten gives him ten of these stubs, he will offer him a ride in his tank in order to gain entrance to the ruins in the eastern side of the desert. The ruins in the desert are guarded by R7037, which can only be defeated by firing the tank's cannon at it. This is optional, however, as it is not required in order to finish the game, but instead provides a secondary exit from Magicant.

A single tile in the desert sets off a land mine revealing a message from Shigesato Itoi stating it is important to keep the place a secret.


  Enemy name Notes
BionicScorp.gif BionicScorp None
EnergyRobot.gif EnergyRobot None
Gabilan.gif Gabilan None
Nancy.gif Nancy None
OmegaSaucer.gif OmegaSaucer None
Rattlesnake.gif Rattlesnake None
Scorpion.gif Scorpion None
StarmanM1.gif Starman May drop a PSI Stone
Tarantula.gif Tarantula None
UltraBarbot.gif UltraBarbot May drop a Plasma Beam
R7037.gif R7037 Boss - can only be defeated by a tank gotten from a man in the desert

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