Queen Mary's Castle

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Queen Mary's Castle
クイーンマリーしろ Queen Mary Castle

The exterior of Queen Mary's Castle.

Connected areas

Queen Mary's Castle is a location in Mother, which is located in Magicant. The castle is surrounded by a wall of white-colored, cone-shaped, shell-like objects, with one entrance that is guarded by three men. It is connected to Magicant's town area via symmetrically placed cones with "XX"-shaped objects on the top of them. The castle itself resembles a bigger variant of the other buildings in Magicant, being seemingly composed of several pink shell-like objects, with one cone-shaped object on the top with the letter sequence "XX" displayed on it. The three men guarding the castle will let Ninten pass once he has solved their riddle. The riddle itself is never mentioned, but if Ninten uses Telepathy on the man in the middle, he will say that "two alligators" is the correct answer, while noting that he has not come up with an actual riddle yet. They will thereafter let Ninten enter the castle.

The castle consists of nine accessible rooms, with the majority of them either containing a few NPCs or a few presents. Most of the NPCs express worry concerning Queen Mary, as she she suddenly has forgotten the song she usually sings. One NPC does also mention that Ninten can return to Magicant by the help of an item called the Onyx Hook. The rooms have a distinctively green color scheme, and the floors have mirror-like properties, reflecting the pillars and entrances/exits of the various rooms. The room where Queen Mary resides in is the largest one, and contains a long red carpet. The carpet stretches from the room's entrance to Queen Mary's throne and the queen herself. When spoken to, the queen requests Ninten to learn the melody she used to sing, but now has forgotten, stating that it is merely eight notes long.

When all of the eight notes have been learned, Queen Mary will ask Ninten and his friends to sing the song; and after they have done so, Queen Mary will recognize the song and sing it herself. She then reminisces about someone named Giegue while the screen successively gets darker, who she says that she loved as if he was her own child, and also mentions how he used to wag his tail like a pup, except for instances when she tried to sing for him. She is then revealed to actually be Maria, Ninten's great-grandmother, and "joins" George, being her husband, as her "purpose is complete". She thereafter vanishes, along with Magicant, as it is revealed that Magicant was a mirage born of Maria's consciousness. Ninten and his friends are then automatically teleported to the gravestone on the peak of Mt. Itoi, where the eighth note was retrieved.



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