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Snowman Chateau

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Snowman Chateau
スノーマンきょうかい Snowman Church

The exterior of the Snowman Chateau as it appears in EarthBound Beginnings.

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The Snowman Chateau is a location in EarthBound Beginnings, which lies in the eastern outskirts of Snowman. It's the home of Ana and her family, and is where she resides prior to joining Ninten's party. During Ninten's and Lloyd's first visit there, only Ana and her father are present, as her mother has gone missing; and when spoken to, Ana says that Ninten looks exactly like a boy that appeared in one of her dreams. However, it isn't until she's had her Hat returned that she confirms Ninten's identity with the boy in her dreams, and says that she has been waiting for him, as she needs his help to find her mother. She also says goodbye to her father and ensures him that the next time they meet, they will have her mother with them. Her father insists that they should get some rest before leaving, and thus fully recovers their HP and PP. Her father will remain in the chateau throughout the game, and can be used as a healing point for free.

During the cutscenes at end of the game, Ana takes leave of Ninten and Lloyd before entering the chateau. Later on, she reads a letter from Ninten inside of it, where she also mentions how much she misses him.


The interior of the Snowman Chateau in the English prototype version and Mother 1+2 port.
The interior of the "Snowman Church" in the Japanese Famicom version.


  • The chateau was originally a church in the Japanese Famicom version, this was however changed in the English localization to avoid religious influence.
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