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Cave of Mt. Itoi

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Cave of Mt. Itoi
ホーリーロリー山の洞窟 Cave of Holy Loly Mountain[1]

Mt. Itoi Caves as it appears in EarthBound Beginnings.

Connected areas
Mt. Itoi Base
Mt. Itoi

The Cave of Mt. Itoi are a series of caves leading up to Mt. Itoi itself. The cave is accessible from the base. The cave is a vast maze with many winding paths, and there are several powerful enemies in the cave. The player can find the most powerful weapons for each character (with the exeption of Lloyd) in here. At the end of the caves, the player will exit and be on the mountain itself.


The Mt. Itoi caves consist of nine different caves, based on how they are positioned on the map within the game's files they are:

  • the southwest cave, which is the entrance
  • westcentral cave
  • northwest cave
  • northcentral cave
  • central cave
  • southcentral cave
  • short cave
  • northeast cave
  • and the southeast cave, also being the exit.

The caves are connected in different ways and as such is unclear how each is connected. They are connected in the following ways:

  • Southwest cave: Mt. Itoi Base, central cave and southcentral cave.
  • Westcentral cave: central cave, northcentral cave, and southcentral cave.
  • Northwest cave: northeast cave.
  • Northcentral cave: central cave, short cave, and southcentral cave.
  • Central cave: southwest cave, northcentral cave, and westcentral cave.
  • Southcentral cave: southwest cave, westcentral cave, and northcentral cave.
  • Short cave: northcentral cave and southcentral cave.
  • Northeast cave: northwest cave, westcentral cave and southeast cave.
  • Southeast cave: northeast cave and Mt. Itoi plateau.

As mentioned above, the exit to Mt. Itoi plateau is at the end of the southeast cave.


Item Location
Bomb EBB.jpg Bomb In the short cave.
Hank's bat.jpg Hank's Bat At the end of the northwest cave
Iron skillet.jpg Iron Skillet In the upper-left segment of the westcentral cave
Katana.jpg Katana In the westmost end in the southwest cave
Lifeup cream.jpg Life Up Cream In the western section of the central cave
Psi stone.jpg PSI Stone In the southeast cave


Sprite Enemy name Notes
BlueStarman.gif BlueStarman None
Cerebrum.gif Cerebrum None


Itoi caves southwest.png
The southwest/entrance cave.
Itoi caves westcentral.png
The westcentral cave.
Itoi caves northwest.png
The northwest cave.
Itoi caves northcentral.png
The northcentral cave.
Itoi caves central.png
The central cave.
Itoi caves southcentral.png
The southcentral cave.
Itoi caves short.png
The short cave.
Itoi caves northeast.png
The northeast cave.
Itoi caves southeast.png
The southeast/exit cave.

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  1. Encyclopedia Mother page 102
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