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Live House

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Live House
ライブハウス Live House

Live House
Ninten's party singing at the Live House.

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The Live House is a musical theater in EarthBound Beginnings, located in the southernmost area of the city of Ellay. It is where the final party member, Teddy, is met and joins the party. The Live House is the first of the recurring musical theaters which appear throughout the series and similarly feature a musical cutscene, namely the Chaos Theater and Topolla Theater in EarthBound, and Club Titiboo in Mother 3.


The theater requires a ticket to get in, which may be bought in the Ellay department store, or from a shady man outside, who claims the department store is sold out in order to raise the price. It consists of the main hall and a backstage room. By speaking to the man in front of the stage, Ninten's party is able to perform as long as there are three party members.

If Ninten's party rode the tank in Yucca Desert, which breaks after the fight with the R7037, the war veteran will block the entrance until they pay $200 for the repair. A woman at one of the tables offers Ninten a drink when spoken to, and if Ninten accepts it, he will be arrested for underage drinking. His weapon will then be confiscated, and can only be obtained again by buying it back from an officer inside of the police station.

Prior to the game's events, Teddy used to enjoy watching the rockabilly performances at the theater. He was also a former employee during his teens working during the graveyard shift. After the game's ending, he became a daily singer at the theater.


During Ninten's first visit, he and his friends are allowed to sing on stage. After their performance, Teddy will compliment their song, and then ask if they were the ones who beat up his lackeys. Regardless of Ninten's answer, Teddy is convinced it was him, and attacks him. Teddy quickly recognizes Ninten's strength and calls off the battle in a tie, asking to join him on his journey to the mountains to avenge his parents. He takes Lloyd's place, saying he is not fit for fighting.

In the English translation and Mother 1+2, after the game's ending, Teddy is shown to sing here almost daily. This is not shown in the original Japanese release, however.


Sprite Enemy name Notes
BBBoss.gif Teddy B.B. Gang's Boss


The song Ninten's party sings is known as All That I Needed (Was You). The song was featured as the eighth track on the Mother soundtrack CD released during the time of the game's release, where it was given lyrics and performed by Jeremy Budd.


The exterior
EBB Lloyd and Teddy.jpg
Ninten and Ana look on at Lloyd facing Teddy in the Live House


  • If the run button is held before the party begins singing, the performance will play at double speed causing it to end before the song finishes.
  • The building uses the same sign as the hotel, however it cannot normally be seen as the "Live House" sign blocks it. If a textbox overlaps with the sign and is then closed afterwards, the Live House sign will briefly disappear, allowing the hotel sign to be seen for a brief moment.
  • This is one of the game's several anti-piracy checks: if it is detected that the game is being played on a pirated cartridge, the game will stop just before Ninten's party sings and displays the anti-piracy screen.

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