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The exterior of the island.

Connected areas
Look-Out Tower

The Island is an unnamed, optional location in EarthBound Beginnings located near Ellay. It is accessed from a rocket ship which appears upon checking the leftmost binoculars on the top of the Look-Out Tower. There is a lone house on the island. An unnamed docter and his assistants, Able and Baker, are present in the house, with all of them asking to try out a famous delicacy known as Strawberry Tofu.

Should Ninten give them the aformentioned item, the doctor will give him the Words of Love and Able will give the Swear Words, both of which are gag battle items which do nothing in battle. On the other hand, Baker will hint at an unknown lab beneath a lake on Mt. Itoi containing a powerful robot.


Item Location
Words of love.jpg Words of Love Given by the doctor after giving him Strawberry Tofu.
Swear words.jpg Swear Words Given by Able after giving him Strawberry Tofu.

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