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This page contains information about current projects being made to WikiBound.

Current projects


Items are receiving a large overhaul. Historically, items have been compacted in a list and category rather than each having their own page. From now on, however, items will be split and covered on their own pages. The benefits of this is to allow information regarding items to be more accessible for our readers, as it is easier and faster to find the desired item if it were on its own page, rather than scrolling through a long compacted list of over 20 items before finding the desired item.

This will also benefit mobile readers as well as those with slow internet speed, as the long lists result in longer loading times, and scrolling through the pages horizontally makes things more difficult for mobile users.

Shared pages

Some items will still share pages with other items. The items that will are those that have similar names and effects. Hamburger is an example, as Double burger and Mammoth burger are simply upgrades of the standard Hamburger. Status ailment curing items which have identical effects, such as Antidote and Vial of serum, will also be covered collectively, as both are used to cure Poison.

Equippable items will be left unchanged as well, aside from general improvements such as adding infoboxes and images. Items which have a different English name but same Japanese name will also be shared.

List of shared pages

  • Antidote: Contains information on both Antidote and Vial of serum
  • ATM card: Contains information on both Cash Card and ATM card
  • Banana: Contains information on both Banana and Luxury Banana
  • Beef Jerky:Contains information on Spicy jerky, Luxray jerky and Double Jerky
  • Bomb: Contains information on Bombs, Super Bombs, and the numerous bombs in Mother 3
  • Bottle Rocket: Contains information on Big bottle rockets and Multi bottle rockets
  • Fries: Contains information on French Fries, the Bag of fries, and the Bag of Big City Fries
  • Hamburger: Contains information on all of the numerous burgers found throughout the series
  • Herb: Contains information on both Refreshing herb and Secret herb
  • Insecticide spray: Contains information on the Super/Xterminator spray and Bug Spray
  • Milk: Contains information on both Fresh Milk and Rotten Milk
  • Pizza: Contains information on Large pizza and Favorite pizza
  • Soda: Contains information on Fizzy Soda, Big City Soda and Big City Cola

Layout wise, if there are three or more items in the set in one game, then they will be handled in the same way as Hamburger. If there are only two then they will be laid out using the following new format.


The following layout will be used in order

  • Opening paragraph: A brief opening description
  • Heading 1, Usage: Describes what the item does in each game
  • Heading 2, Prices: Lists the buying and selling prices of the item in the game using Template:Itemprice
  • Heading 3, In-game description: The in-game descriptions in each game it appears in
  • Heading 4, Where to obtain: Lists where the items can be found, both in limited and infinite quantity Template:Itemlocations
  • Heading 5, Artwork: If there are any additional artwork of the item
  • Heading 6, Trivia: Optional header if there are interesting tidbits that don't belong in the main body