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ソーダ Soda
In-game sprite of the Fizzy Soda from Mother 3
Type Recovery item
Appears in Mother 3

Sodas are recovery items found in Mother 3. They consist of the Big City Soda, Fizzy Soda and the Big City Cola. Sodas can normally be purchased from areas around Club Titiboo and from certain vending machines.


When drank, sodas generally recover a low amount of HP, restoring only 20 to 30 HP.

List of sodas

List of recovery items in Mother 3
Name Japanese HP recovered Price Additional effects Where to obtain

BigCitySoda.png Big City Soda だいとかいソーダ
Big City Soda
20 HP 8 DP (buying)
4 DP (selling)
Club Titiboo (Shop) and Sanchez Brothers (Prize from matching three limes)
A soda that's currently all the rage. Restores 20 HP.

FizzySoda.png Fizzy Soda きっついソーダ
Fizzy Soda
20 HP 6 DP (buying)
3 DP (selling)
Factory (Vending machine). Screwloose (10% drop)
A brisk soda for the end of a hard day! Restores 20 HP!

BigCityCola.png Big City Cola だいとかいコーラ
Big City Cola
30 HP 10 DP (buying)
5 DP (selling)
Club Titiboo, New Pork City (Shop)
This drink is a hit at Club Titiboo. Restores 30 HP.

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