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Status boosters, abbreviated as stat boosters are items found in the first two EarthBound games. When used they permanently increase a playable characters' stat by a certain amount. Status boosters can only be found in presents and are otherwise unable to be bought.

Types of status boosters


Main article: Capsules
Artwork of the various capsules from Encyclopedia Mother.

Capsules are the most common status boosters found in both EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound, which when taken will increase a stat by a small amount. In EarthBound Beginnings there are the Fight, Quick (Speed), Wisdom, Physical (Strength), and Force capsules which will increase the respective stat by 3 to 5. In EarthBound there are the Guts, IQ, Luck, Speed, and Vital capsules that will increase the respective stats by 1.

Magic Candy

Artwork from Encyclopedia Mother.

The Magic Candy (ふしぎなキャンディ Wondrous Candy) is found only in EarthBound Beginnings. When eaten it increases Lloyd's fight by either 4 or 5. Only one Magic Candy can be obtained in the game, being from the swimming cat in Magicant, whom is located nearby Magicant's entrance point. When spoken to, it will ask Ninten if he has heard of a Magic Candy that can bring strength and power to a helpless child, referring to Lloyd. If Lloyd has joined Ninten's party by then, the cat will give the candy to them, but will otherwise just state that Ninten is not helpless and is thus not in need of it.

In-game description

"If the sissy boy EATs this his FIGHT rise some."

Magic Ribbon

Artwork from Encyclopedia Mother.

Not to be confused with Ribbon

The Magic Ribbon (ふしぎなリボン Wondrous Ribbon), alternatively MagicRibbon, appears only in EarthBound Beginnings. When used it increases Ana's force by around 5. There is only one in the entire game, and is in contrast to the Ribbons of EarthBound and Mother 3 not equippable, and does instead just disappear after use. It can be received from the cat who swims on the ground in Magicant, more specifically in the forest to the west of Magicant's town square. It will ask Ninten to guess what it carries in its hand. Using Telepathy on the cat will reveal the item to be a Magic Ribbon, and if Ana has joined Ninten's party by then, the cat will give away the ribbon; it will otherwise say that the ribbon only is for girls, and then simply end the conversation.

In-game description

"With this FORCE will rise a bit. This is for a girl to tie in her hair.'

Rock Candy

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Artwork from the Mother 2 strategy guide.

The Rock Candy (ふしぎなキャンディ Wondrous Candy) is found exclusively in EarthBound. When eaten they will permanently increase a characters' randomly selected stat by 1.


There are a total of three Rock Candies found throughout the game. One of them is located in Deep Darkness, specifically by taking the path leading upwards right before fighting Master Barf. Another one is located in Pink Cloud, it can be found by falling through the hole at the top, then taking the last hole in the room with three holes. The last one is found Lumine Hall, by taking the north east ladder after entering, then taking a left turn before reaching the other ladders.


Uniquely, the Rock Candy can also be used with a condiment to increase its effect. Namely, the Sugar packet and Jar of Delicause go well along with it, which will instead allow it to instead increase a stat by 2.

Enemies who have the ability to steal items can have a chance to steal a Rock Candy in battle, as a result players should be cautious when fighting such enemies with a Rock Candy in their inventory.

In-game description

"When you eat this, it will increase either Speed, Guts, Vitality, IQ, or Luck."


Because the Rock Candies are usable with condiments, they can also be used with the Condiments glitch to increase a character's stats to incredible amounts, which resulted in the glitch to also be called the "Rock Candy trick". Specifically, the player "gives" the Rock Candy to themselves (moving it to the bottom of the inventory), then using it with a condiment in a battle causes only the condiment to be used instead, causing the Rock Candy to be used an infinte amount if times. In particular, using the sugar packet with it provides the best results for this glitch.


  • Several EarthBound series fans have made six albums of music as a tribute to the series named after the Rock Candy item[1].
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