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For information about the Magic Ribbon from EarthBound Beginnings, see here.
The Red ribbon from EarthBound.

Ribbons (Japanese: リボン Ribbon) are equippable items in EarthBound and Mother 3. They are equipped in either the miscellaneous section in EarthBound, or on the head in Mother 3. They can only be used by Paula, Kumatora and Boney. Ribbons raise defense, and may also have other effects. A ribbon also appears in EarthBound Beginnings, although not as an equippable item.

In EarthBound

List of ribbons in EarthBound
Name Japanese Defense Price Additional effects Where to obtain

Ribbon リボン
+20 $89 Twoson
Happy Happy Village

Red ribbon まっかなリボン
Crimson-red ribbon
+25 $179 Saturn Valley

Defense ribbon まもりのリボン
Protect ribbon
+40 $389 Luck +15 Fourside

Talisman ribbon まふうじのリボン
Magic seal ribbon
+60 Luck +25 Dungeon Man (present)

Saturn ribbon どせいさんのリボン
Mr. Saturn ribbon
+90 Luck +40 Stonehenge Base (from a Mr. Saturn)

Goddess ribbon めがみのリボン
Goddess ribbon
+110 Dropped by Ghost of Starman (1/128 chance)

In Mother 3

Ribbons in Mother 3 are primarily used by Kumatora and Boney.

List of ribbons in Mother 3
Name Japanese Defense Price Additional effects Where to obtain

ScarletRibbon.png Scarlet Ribbon まっかなリボン
Crimson Ribbon
+5 N/A Equipped on Kumatora at start
A bright red ribbon. Defense +2.

AzureRibbon.png Azure Ribbon まっさおなリボン
Azure Ribbon
+8 180 DP Small Cave
A bright blue ribbon. Defense +8.

WhiteRibbon.png White Ribbon まっしろなリボン
White Ribbon
+12 420 DP Mole cricket on Snowcap Mountain
A bright white ribbon. Defense +12.

BoingRibbon.png Boing Ribbon ぽえーんなリボン
Boing Ribbon
+14 780 DP Prevents forgetfulness Saturn Valley
Prevents forgetfulness. Defense + 14.

FairyRibbon.png Fairy Ribbon ようせいのリボン
Fairy's Ribbon
+18 N/A Prevents sleep Tanetane Island (present)
Prevents sleep. Defense +18.

AngelRibbon.png Angel Ribbon てんしのリボン
Angel Ribbon
+27 1500 DP Speed +3 New Pork City movie theater shop
The ribbon of an angel. Defense +27.

GoddessRibbon.png Goddess Ribbon めがみのリボン
Goddess Ribbon
+32 N/A 3% drop by Love Walkers
The ribbon of a goddess. Defense +32.

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