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クマトラ Kumatora
Kumatora M3 Sprite Upscaled.png
Kumatora as she appears in Mother 3
Gender Female
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 2
Residence Outside of Tazmily Village
Relatives Unnamed parents
Traveling partners Lucas
Signature weapon Gloves
PSI capable? Yes
Non-PSI ability None
Combo Instrument
Electric Guitar

Kumatora (Japanese: クマトラ Kumatora) is one of the main characters in Mother 3. She is a teenager residing on the Nowhere Islands. Kumatora was orphaned at a very young age and was raised by Magypsies, who named her princess of Osohe Castle, and have also assisted in her learning PSI. Kumatora is portrayed as more tomboyish than previous female party members, usually donning short hair and a blue sweatshirt.


In contrast to the Magypsies who raised her, Kumatora’s appearance would be considered much more boyish. Her “princess” regalia is simply a periwinkle hoodie that comes down to her knees, much like a dress, and is rather plain except for some light blue accents. While her boots are bright magenta, they are plain as well. She keeps her hair in a messy pixie-cut style.

In game, she is shown to use gloves as her signature weapon.

From her first appearance in Osohe Castle, Kumatora is shown to be a bit reckless. She requires Duster’s help to break free from a bear trap she found herself stuck in, but quickly proves herself to be a valuable party member. Her impulsiveness can show through occasionally in her dialogue, often cursing or insulting other characters; such as calling Fassad a “cheap bastard.”

Despite her headstrong nature, Kumatora is still willing to make sacrifices in order to meet her goals. She willingly went undercover at Club Titiboo as a waitress named Violet in order to investigate the bassist of DCMC and the Pigmasks. As Violet, Kumatora expressed much disdain for having to dress up in more feminine clothing-- changing as soon as she, Lucas, and Boney had found the answers they were looking for.

She is shown to be kind and heroic throughout the game, accompanying Lucas and their party across the Nowhere Islands, and freeing Salsa from Fassad’s abuse.

In Mother 3

Kumatora is first seen in Chapter 2, after Duster is sent to Osohe Castle to search for the Hummingbird Egg. Only a glimpse of Kumatora is seen at first, with her dropping off of a ceiling and running into the next hallway-- however she leaves behind her PSI-boosting pendant behind. After Duster returns to the castle with Wess, the player is introduced to Kumatora for the first time. She ends up using PK Freeze on the two, not recognizing Wess, but quickly apologized for the confusion.

After being freed from the bear trap, the three of them head towards the Hummingbird Egg. They are ambushed by the Pigmask Army, and Kumatora’s impulsiveness rears its head. She grabs onto the Egg in order to protect it, however Wess interjects to tell her that he had set a trap to prevent the Egg from being stolen. By this time, it is too late for the party, as the trap has activated. Kumatora, Duster, and Wess are sent to the basement of the castle to fight the Oh-So-Snake.

After the Oh-So-Snake is defeated, all of the water is drained from the bottom of Osohe Castle. The party is swept away as well, with Kumatora and Wess ending up on a beach. Lighter and Fuel wake them up, and they head to Tazmily Village. They both notice that Duster is missing and that he could be in danger.

At the beginning of Chapter 3, Kumatora first appears in Tazmily Village. While Butch is complaining that the money he had was stolen, Fassad and Salsa appear. Kumatora communicates in a telepathic manner with Salsa, confirming to her that he is being mistreated. Later on in the chapter, Kumatora and Wess free Salsa of his shock collar in order to free him from the Pigmask Army. She plans to escape through the Sunshine Forest, however a miscommunication occurs and they are quickly cornered by the Pigmasks’ tanks.

Lucas appears in the nick of time, calling on a Drago to destroy much of the Pigmasks’ artillery. This is the first time that Lucas and Kumatora meet.

Warning! Spoiler warning: this article or section may contain major plot or ending details! Proceed with caution.

Three years later, Kumatora is seemingly nowhere to be found in Tazmily Village. After Lucas gains entry to Club Titiboo, it is revealed that she has been working there as a waitress named “Violet.” Kumatora is shown to hate her job, feeling disgusted with the way she must present herself in a feminine manner. She is only doing this to gain information on Lucky, DCMC’s bassist that strongly resembles Duster. Kumatora assists Lucas and Boney into climbing up into the attic of Club Titiboo, and they are able to convince Duster to leave his spot in the band and go with them.

In Chapter 5, the party sets out to find the Hummingbird Egg in the Unknown Valley. Disguising themselves as Pigmasks, the three of them find the malfunctioning Clayman who possesses the Egg. Upon holding the Egg of Light, Duster regains some of his memories and realizes his purpose in assisting Lucas. They storm Thunder Tower in order to stop the Pigmask army from striking Tazmily Village. Despite their efforts, they are quickly faced with a dire decision-- grab onto the Rope Snake or face imminent destruction. The Rope Snake cannot hold the weight of the entire party, with Kumatora falling and being separated from Lucas, Boney, and Duster.

At the beginning of Chapter 7, Kumatora is found by Doria in the Murasaki Forest. Doria explains the Seven Needles to her, explaining that Lucas must be the one to pull the one that resides in Murasaki Forest. Kumatora accompanies Lucas, Boney, and Duster across the Nowhere Islands. At one point, she reunites with Salsa, who gives her a small nut as a gift. When the party heads to pull the Needle in Chupichupyoi Temple, Kumatora must restrain her emotions. While Ionia seems peaceful with her fading, Kumatora is sad that her guardian must pass on. After the Needle in the Chupichupyoi Temple is pulled, the party is escorted forcefully to New Pork City. This indicates the start of Chapter 8.

After some time in New Pork City, the four of them come upon Leder, who has been living in the sewers of New Pork for some time now. He reveals that he is the only one who knows the residents of Tazmily’s origin, including Kumatora’s own. Those who left for the Nowhere Islands traveled on the White Ship, with Kumatora being an infant with no one to raise her. The Magypsies, specifically Ionia, decided to take her in and raise her-- teaching her powerful PSI skills. Leder reveals that Kumatora’s role in the “story” of Tazmily was that she was to be the princess of Osohe castle, and that Wess and Duster were to act as her retainers.

After Leder bestows tale of Tazmily Village onto Lucas, the party heads to confront King P. at the top of New Pork City’s Empire Porky Building.

Game data

PSI level up list
Level Move name
PK Fire α
PK Freeze α
Lifeup α
PK Thunder α
Healing α
Offense Down α
Paralysis α
Defense Down α
Hypnosis α
PK Fire β
Brainshock α
PSI Magnet α
PK Freeze β
Paralysis Ω
Lifeup β
PK Thunder β
Hypnosis Ω
Offense Down Ω
PK Freeze γ
Defense Down Ω
PK Fire γ
PSI Magnet Ω
Brainshock Ω
PK Thunder γ
PK Freeze Ω
PK Fire Ω
PK Thunder Ω
PK Ground

Event moves

Level Move name
PK Starstorm

Kumatora is taught PK Starstorm by Ionia near the end of Chapter 7.

In the Super Smash Bros. series

Kumatora as she appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Kumatora first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a sticker. Attaching the sticker to Ness or Lucas's trophy in the Subspace Emissary raises their PK attack by 11. Additionally, she is mentioned in Lucas's PK Starstorm trophy.

She later appeared in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate where appears alongside Lucas and Boney when PK Starstorm is used as Lucas. Kumatora also has an Attack type Spirit which has a secondary effect of boosting PSI power.



In Mother 3
Kumatora in Chapter 2.
Kumatora in Chapter 4 onwards.
Kumatora as Violet.
In EarthBound 64
Kumatora EB64.jpg
Kumatora as she would have appeared in EarthBound 64.
In Super Smash Bros.
Kumatora SSBU.png
Kumatora as she appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


  • Kumatora's name means "Bear-tiger" in Japanese ("Kuma"=bear; "Tora"=tiger).
  • If the player gives Kumatora the name "Violet", she will instead be named "Kumatora" when disguised as a waitress.
  • Kumatora is the only permanent female party member in the series to not have frying pans as her primary weapon, her weapon instead are gloves.
  • If Kumatora is made the lead party member via the Debug Room and the player gets a game over, she does not appear in the game over screen and instead placeholder dummy sprite appears in the top left corner rather than of Kumatora lying beaten. This error only occurs when Kumatora is the lead party member.
  • Kumatora has an unused sprite resembling her waitress disguise, as well as the clothes the Magypsies wear.
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