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リサ Lisa
Lisa as she appears in Mother 3
Gender Female
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Tazmily Village
Relatives Thomas (husband)
Nichol (son)
Richie (daughter)

Lisa is a character in Mother 3, who resides in Tazmily Village. She is the wife of Thomas and the mother of Nichol and Richie.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 1

Lisa joins the search for Hinawa, Lucas and Claus in the Sunshine Forest during Chapter 1, and can be seen in an early portion of forest, as she is the third character who Flint.

In Chapter 2

Lisa can be found talking in the town square, calling Wess shabby because of his wrinkled clothes.

In Chapter 3

Lisa can be seen during Fassad's speech, however, she leaves before he finishes speaking. She can later be found debating buying a Happy Box in the town square.

In Chapter 4 and Chapter 5

Lisa can still be found in the town square, telling Lucas he would be happier if he listened to Fassad and bought a Happy Box.

In Chapter 7

Lisa comments on the lightning stopping, but claims that since she has a Happy Box, it does not matter anyway. She moves away to New Pork City near the end of the chapter.

In Chapter 8

Lisa can be found in the New Pork City amusement park, claiming the villagers convinced her to move to the city, but complaining the city makes her dizzy.

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