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The Magypsies are a group of characters in Mother 3. They are mystical, androgynous, genderqueer human-like beings, existing to protect the Seven Needles on the Nowhere Islands for a very long period of time, with their lifespans surpassing those of humans. There are seven in total, and they are masters of PSI. Magypsies frequently get together for tea parties, and are generally good-natured. They also took Kumatora in their care when she arrived on the islands, seeing that she was orphaned. When the time has come for the Seven Needles to be pulled, each Magypsy will disappear forever when their respective Needle is pulled, and leave behind their memento. The memento consists of a razor and lipstick, and instantly revives the holder if they fall unconscious in combat.

The Magypsies are named after the seven modes of music, which in turn were named after Greek regions. This naming scheme was decided on by Shogo Sakai, Mother 3's composer.[1]

The Seven Magypsies

From left to right: Aeolia, Doria, Ionia, Mixolydia, Phrygia, Lydia


Main article: Aeolia

Aeolia is the first of the Magypsies, residing near Mt. Oriander and protecting the Needle concealed within Osohe Castle. She is first met by Flint in Chapter 1 holding a tea party at her house with all of the other Magypsies, and apparently taught Claus how to use PSI. Lucas later meets her in Chapter 7 just before her Needle is pulled by the Masked Man.


Main article: Doria

Doria is met second, living deep in Murasaki Forest, with both her house and Needle concealed behind a special door. The door may be only opened by doing a special dance, the same one used to open various doors in Osohe Castle. When Kumatora is dropped from the large airship after Chapter 5's events, Doria finds her and takes her into care, remaining there until she reunites with Lucas.


Main article: Lydia

Lydia resides on Snowcap Mountain, living near the peak. Her Needle is surrounded by large snowy cliffs, and is only accessible via a door in her house. Lydia doesn't leave the mountain very often, and enjoys taking care of the various bunnies on Snowcap. She takes an injured Pigmask Captain into her care shortly before her Needle is pulled, leaving the Captain to take care of her pet bunnies.


Main article: Phrygia

Phrygia lives by Fire Mountain, and north of Saturn Valley. Her needle is located deep in the volcano, with the volcano being blocked by several large boulders. The boulders require special "encouraging words" for them to move, and Phrygia leaves them for Lucas to move the boulders with. Phrygia is known for sleeping a lot, and being the most observant of all seven Magypsies.


Main article: Mixolydia

Mixolydia, or Missy for short, resides on Tanetane Island, far away from the main island. She has an octopus friend called Ocho, who enjoys treasure hunting deep in the ocean. Mixolydia's Needle is guarded by the Barrier Trio, which is also locked away by a special gate. She also assists with making Lucas's party's mushroom-induced hallucinations disappear.


Main article: Ionia

Ionia appears the most out of the Magypsies, and resides on Argilla Pass. She mostly raised Kumatora, and has a love for pickles. Ionia also taught Lucas how to use PSI in Chapter 4, and also taught Kumatora how to use PSI when she was very young. She later teaches her PK Starstorm right before Lucas pulls her Needle. Her Needle is located in a temple near her house, with vines frozen in time blocking the front gate.


Main article: Locria

Locria is the only Magypsy to never meet Lucas personally, as she had gone missing by the time Lucas obtains PK Love and goes on his quest for the Seven Needles. Her Needle is located deep down in New Pork City, and her house is located on one of the floors of the Empire Porky Building.

Memo description

"This is the name for the sorcerers who have shut themselves off from the world and hidden themselves away to live in the forest. In a way, these men are more ladylike than ladies are. There is no need to worry about a cover charge."


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