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プッシャー Pusher
Pusher as he appears in Mother 3.
Gender Male
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Tazmily Village
Relatives Elmore (wife)
Ollie (son)
Occupation Mayor of Tazmily Village (Chapter 4 onward)

Pusher is the richest villager in Tazmily Village in Mother 3.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 1

Pusher demands Flint hurry north and do something about the fire to protect his estate. While Flint's family is missing, Pusher and his wife do not help search. After Flint is thrown in the Tazmily Jail, Pusher claims it wasn't him who decided to put Flint in there. He does not attend Hinawa's funeral.

In Chapter 2

Pusher claims that construction is planned for an old folk's home, and suggests it will be perfect for Wess, claiming it was his associate who came in earlier's idea.

In Chapter 3

Pusher asks Fassad to tell him more about the concept of money.

In Chapter 4

Pusher becomes the mayor of Tazmily Village. He finds Flint's burnt-down house to be an eyesore, and complains that it lowers Tazmily Village's image. He also appears to own the polished and sparkling car that is parked outside of his office, and has a donation box set up in front of his office.

In Chapter 7

Pusher wonders about the recent earthquakes and lightning strikes, and claims he believes it must be Lucas's fault and asks him to leave. His family is one of the last ones to move to New Pork City due to his position as a mayor, something which greatly annoys his wife, Elmore.

In Chapter 8

Pusher can be found in the Empire Porky Building's lobby with the rest of his family and Jonel's family, where he wishes to learn about New Pork City's great leader.

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