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Old Man's Paradise

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Old Man's Paradise
オールドマンズパラダイス Old Man's Paradise

Outside of the Old Man's Paradise.

Connected areas
Tazmily Village
A Little Elegy

Old Man's Paradise is a retirement home in Mother 3, built over the remains of what was originally Wess' and Duster's house after being struck by lightning. As with Wess's house before, there is a present with Thunder Bombs in it place behind the building that is constantly being filled. The Old Man's Paradise is the home of Tazmily's elders, most notably Wess, Alec, and Mike. The player can also find an elderly Save Frog on the second floor of the building. The workers at the Old Man's Paradise are Nan and Linda.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 4

After the modernization of Tazmily Village between Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 it was turned into a retirement home by Fassad and the Pigmask Army. The building is in obvious decay, with many holes on the walls and floors, with multiple water leaks on the roof. After Wess is attacked by Fassad's lackeys with a bug catching net, he is being monitored closely and cannot leave. Wess gives Lucas the carrier pigeon to send news of his son at Club Titiboo.

In Chapter 7

In the beginning of Chapter 7, Wess and Alec catch Lucas and Boney on a pile of straw, and they are taken to Old Man's Paradise to rest. Towards the end of Chapter 7, all of the retirement home's workers have moved to New Pork City. With nobody watching over him now, Wess can be seen standing outside, where he is suspicious of everyone's sudden movement to the big city.


Lucas inside the Old Man's Paradise.
Wess' room.

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