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Fire Mountain

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Fire Mountain
ゴマフかさん Gomafu Fire Mountain

Fire Mountain needle.png
Lucas and company in Fire Mountain.

Volcano! Inferno!
Connected areas
Saturn Valley

Fire Mountain is a volcanic mountain in Mother 3 found in the far east part of the Nowhere Islands near Snowcap Mountain. It is located north of Saturn Valley. The volcano houses the location one of the Seven Needles, which is guarded by Phrygia.


After entering from Saturn Valley, Phrygia's house is to the north shortly above the entrance. To the left of the Magypsy's house is a path which goes straight north until it reaches a cave to the deeper parts of the volcano.

In the deeper parts, the narrow pathways are bordered with magma. There are several caves containing. At the northernmost end is where Phrygia's needle is placed.


Fire Mountain plays a major role in Chapter 7. Due to being nearby Saturn Valley, the Pigmask Army sends Frightbots to frighten the Mr. Saturns into revealing information about it. Because it is on a cliff, Duster's Wall Staples are required to scale it. Because the scalable wall is too high up, Mr. Saturns play "ladder" to allow Duster to reach the mountain. Phrygia's home is found at the top of this wall, where Phrygia is found sleeping. Upon examining the sign, Phrygia gives Lucas some Encouraging Words to speak to a large boulder blocking the entrance to the volcano.

At the entrance to the cave, Pigmasks discuss Fassad, who is now sporting horns from the injury on Thunder Tower. At the cave's end, New Fassad and his Interpreter are found guarding Phrygia's Needle. After defeating New Fassad, Lucas pulls the Needle, and Phrygia enters. Before disappearing, Phrygia gives Lucas a notebook bearing the locations of the Seven Needles - and a razor and lipstick in remembrance of them.


Item Location
CupOfLifenoodles.png Cup of Lifenoodles Near the cave to the interior of the volcano
DoubleJerky.png Double Jerky South of the two Pigmasks
EncouragingWords.png Encouraging Words Inside Phrygia's house
LuxuryBanana.png Luxury Banana In the west cave within the volcano interior
PencilRocket.png Pencil Rocket At the first dead-end to the left upon passing the three boulders
RazorAndLipstick.png Phrygia's Memento Recieved from Phrygia after pulling the needle
PhrygiasNotebook.png Phrygia's Notebook Recieved from Phrygia after pulling the needle
SaltwaterGun.png Saltwater Gun In the south cave within the volcano interior
SecretHerb.png Secret Herb On a cliff in the center of the volcano interior

Shops and businesses

Mole Cricket's shop

Mole Cricket's shop
Item Price Effect
{{{size}}} Sincerity Dumplings 100 DP Recovers 100 HP
{{{size}}} Anti-Paralysis 14 DP Recovers from numbness
{{{size}}} Alarm Cicada 18 DP Recovers from sleep
{{{size}}} Paper Fan 12 DP Recovers from confusion
{{{size}}} Recollection Bell 20 DP Recovers from forgetfulness
{{{size}}} Flea Powder 30 DP Removes fleas


Sprite Enemy name Notes
SkyTitanyOverworld.png Sky Titany None
MrsLavaOverworld.png Mrs. Lava None
PyreflyOverworld.png Pyrefly None
MagmanOverworld.png Magman None
ScamperinMushroomOverworld.png Scamperin' Mushroom None
NewFassadOverworld.png New Fassad Boss


Fire mountain exterior.png
The exterior
Fire mountain interior.png
The interior
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