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Final area

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Final area

Final area.png
The Seventh Needle's location

Connected areas
Empire Porky Building Underground

The final area is an unnamed location which contains the location of the seventh and final Needle in Mother 3 accessed from the cave below New Pork City. It is somewhere within New Pork City as indication by in-game text, although it is unknown where the exact location is.

The area is a dark, ominous dimension with visible lightning underneath. It is set on a flat ground lower than the ground surrounding it. It visually bears a strong resembles to the Cave of the Past, although it is much darker with the lighting gradually changing.


The path is set on an elevated part of ground and is surrounded by higher ground. There are several cave passages connecting different areas. The path mostly goes north in a winding manner between the two surrounding hills. It passes by several peaks on occasion, which some can be accessed using steel girders as bridges. Similarly, there are steel girders used to cross over the deep gaps in the area.

A wide plateau is present slightly more than halfway through where the battle against Porky takes place. Past that the path zigzags north towards the final hot spring with the last Save Frog beside it. The path will then turn north to the plateau where the final Needle is placed.


After exiting the cave below New Pork City, Lucas and his party find themselves in a mysterious, ominous environment. They press onwards in search of Flint who is in this area. Boney notices his hat being blown away in the wind, then upon finding him notices he looks troubled. He reveals he discovered that the Masked Man is Lucas's lost brother Claus. Unable to understand why he is obeying Porky's orders, he tells Lucas to be thankful that his lost brother was found. On a plateau they meet up with Porky in his spider mech, who challenges them to a battle. Porky explains how he plans to use the Masked Man to awaken the Dark Dragon to do Porky's bidding, where everything who doesn't like him will be destroyed, though when Lucas explains how the Masked Man is Claus, Porky shows no concern stating how not even a fragment of life remains in him.

After seeing he's losing the battle, Porky hides in the Absolutely Safe Capsule where he believes he will be safe, without knowing that Dr. Andonuts designed the capsule to where once entered, there is no way out. Dr. Andonuts explains how Porky is trapped forever, while also stating he may have gotten what he wanted all along.

Lucas then continues in pursuit of the last Needle and be the one who pulls it. He reaches the plateau where the needle was placed, to find the Masked Man is already there and preparing to pull the needle. Once noticed, the Masked Man uses a lightning bolt to knock out everyone except Lucas, who is protected by the Franklin Badge, as such the two enter a one-on-one duel. Finding out that the Masked Man is Claus, Lucas is emotionally disturbed and unable to fight him. During the fight the Masked Man hears the voice of Hinawa, reminding him that he is her son Claus and brother of Lucas. After seeing a flashback of when he and Lucas were babies, he takes off his helmet to reveal he is Claus, before firing a lightning bolt at Lucas's Franklin Badge which reflects the lightning back to himself and gets fatally wounded in the process. Remembering who he is, Claus apologizes to Lucas before giving his final breath. Flint then tells Lucas to forgive his brother Claus.

Lucas then approaches the final Needle and pulls it, passing his heart to the Dragon, who awakens to grant his disire to restore the world back to the way it was.


Item Location
RealBat.png Real Bat On a peak west of Flint, before reaching the plateau where Porky is fought


Sprite Enemy name Notes
MineraliOverworld.png Minerali None
FenomenoOverworld.png Fenomeno None
Porky Porky Boss
MaskedManOverworld.png Masked Man Final boss


  • Using the final hot spring located here will play a rendition of The Water's Great not included in the Sound Player.
  • The overworld sprites for the Minerali and Fenomeno enemies encountered here resemble shared enemy overworld sprites from Earthbound. Fenomeno's appearance, in particular, resembles the geometric shape sprite utilized by, among others, all regular enemies in the Cave of the Past, which the area resembles.
  • The unused Memo description for Needle Locations gives the general location of each needle relative to the Dark Dragon, and while it does not specify, based on the other Needles, the final area's needle is likely located in the Dark Dragon's head or neck. This information, as a scrapped Memo, is not necessarily compliant with the released game's content.


Bottom of the elevator
Cave leading the final needle
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