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Tanetane Island

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Tanetane Island
タネヒネリじま Tanehineri Island

Tanetane Island.png
Tanetane Island's beach.

Connected areas
Mixolydia's house
Tanetane Island

Tanetane Island is a location in Mother 3 part of the Nowhere Islands. It is an isolated island south from the mainland. Mixolydia, one of the seven Magypsies, resides on the island and is guarding one of the Seven Needles.

The original Japanese name is Tanehineri Island; however, debug text in the Japanese version of the game refers to it as Tanetane Island. This text, due to its greater resemblance to an English place name, influenced the decision to use the name Tanetane Island in the Mother 3 fan translation.[1]


Tanetane Island is mostly a jungle swampland isolated from civilization. Visually the jungle is similar to Deep Darkness. A winding path cuts through the jungle on the way to the mountains to the east of the island. It follows mostly a straight path east before turning south, then looping around north. Near the end of the jungle there is a fork with the west path leading to a pond of sludge, and past that the hot spring.The east path will lead to a set of cliffs. Mixolydia's house is found on a plateau near a cave which leads to the higher parts of the mountain.

The cave follows a straight path east before exiting to the mountains. On the mountain the path will head east, and then north to several peaks connected by bridges, which then will lead to the summit where the Needle is found.

During the mushroom hallucinations the island's colors will be inverted with other strange effects:

  • The enemies' overworld appearance are replaced with various characters found throughout the game. In battle, they take the form of the Eerie Smile.
  • The rafflesia flowers become replaced with mailboxes containing odd messages.
  • The presents are replaced with trash cans.
  • The sludge pool, which normally has no affect when entered, will appear as a beautifully decorated hot spring which will heal the party.
  • Near Mixolydia's house is what is normally a mole cricket shop which is replaced by a lotus root.
  • Mixolydia appears as a beautiful woman with Ocho appearing as a male sailor.


After fighting Master Eddy in the Sea Floor Dungeon, Lucas's party is washed ashore on Tanetane Island's beach. With no items and their stamina depleted, the party is forced to eat some odd-looking mushrooms, labeled "energizing mushrooms". Under the hallucinogenic effects, Lucas's party sees the landscape in odd colors and enemies appear as hallucinations of people who the party had previously met. Boney, immune to these effects, warns Lucas when a hallucination draws near.

During the hallucinations, the enemies appear as various people Lucas and his party know. They give bizarre speeches, most of which are nonsensical, however there are many who remind of past tragic memories or other negative emotions, as well as generally speaking negativly to the group, with Lucas being the most affected. Traveling north, the party reaches Mixolydia's home, who smacks them on the head to cure the effects of the mushrooms, and Ocho returns the player's items.

Mixolydia tells them that the Needle on the island is protected by the Barrier Trio. The magypsy then opens the gate leading to the mountain. At thd summit they find the Barrier Trio guarding the Needle. After defeating it, as Lucas is about to pull the Needle, the Pigmask Army arrives with the Masked Man striking the party with a bolt of lightning. While they are lying down, the Masked Man pulls the Needle and flies off. Mixolydia then appears and gives Lucas a Razor and Lipstick in remembrance, before disappearing. Ocho then takes Lucas's party back to Tazmily Village.



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Item Location
AlligatorHat.png Alligator Hat Beside the second Claus
BugSpray.png Bug Spray Behind Salsa
CupOfLifenoodles.png Cup of Lifenoodles East of the first Wess
FairyRibbon.png Fairy Ribbon Beside the third Claus
LuxuryBanana.png Luxury Banana North of the first Wess
MagicPudding.png Magic Pudding West of Violet


Item Location
VigorStick.png Vigor Stick On a plateau across the westmost bridge
SwallowBandana.png Swallow Bandana Across the bridge going east

Shops and Businesses

Mole Cricket's shop

Mole Cricket's shop
Item Price Effect
{{{Size}}} Sincerity Dumplings 100 DP Restores 100 HP
{{{Size}}} Spiky Weapon 3240 DP Weapon for Lucas, Kumatora, and Duster
{{{Size}}} Feather Charm 1280 DP Armor for Lucas, Kumatora, Duster, and Boney
{{{Size}}} Libra Bracelet 2400 DP Armor for Lucas, Kumatora, and Duster
{{{Size}}} Double Jerky 240 DP Restores 160 HP
{{{Size}}} Alarm Cicada 18 DP Heals sleep
{{{Size}}} Recollection Bell 20 DP Heals forgetfulness
{{{Size}}} Flea Powder 30 DP Heals fleas
{{{Size}}} Secret Herb 600 DP Heals all status ailments
{{{Size}}} Cup of Lifenoodles 1780 DP Heals all status ailments
{{{Size}}} Pencil Rocket 500 DP Bomb element damage to all enemies
{{{Size}}} Bug Spray 100 DP Kills a single insect enemy instantly


Sprite Enemy name Notes
ZombieshroomOverworld.png Zombieshroom Boss, possible Eerie Smile
MonkalrusOverworld.png Monkalrus Possible Eerie Smile,
3% chance of dropping Mystical Gloves
AncientDragonflyOverworld.png Ancient Dragonfly Possible Eerie Smile
TitanianOverworld.png Titanian Possible Eerie Smile
ScamperinMushroomOverworld.png Scamperin' Mushroom None
UnwelcomeGustOverworld.png Unwelcome Gust None
BarrierTrioOverworld.png Barrier Trio Boss


Tanetane Jungle full.png
Full view of Tanetane Island's jungle.
Tanetane Island mushroom.png
Tanetane Island's appearance after eating the mushrooms.
Tanetane Island cave and mountain.png
Tanetane Island's cave and mountain.


  • The Old Man and Hot Spring Woman still appear in the sludge pool during the hallucination as Fassad and Ionia, respectively.
  • When a party member is feeling feverish, if the player enters the sludge pool and waits for the fever to disappear, then enter the PSI menu and exit, the feverish character will be replaced with Boney. The glitch wears off after entering a different menu or battle. [2]


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