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てぶくろ Gloves
In-game sprite of the Glove
Type Weapon
Appears in Mother 3

Gloves are equippable items in Mother 3. They are used as Kumatora's signature weapon in the game.


Gloves will raise the Offense of the holder, with a select few having additional effects. There are many different kinds of gloves available in the game, with varying effects and levels of power. Being the signiture weapon of the female party member Kumatora, it is similar to the frying pans found in previous games.

List of gloves

List of gloves in Mother 3
Name Japanese Offense Price Additional effects Where to obtain

Gloves.png Gloves てぶくろ
+9 N/A Equipped on Kumatora at start
Ordinary old gloves you could find anywhere. Offense +9.

DurableGloves.png Durable Gloves じょうぶなてぶくろ
Durable Gloves
+16 300 DP Small Cave
Gloves that won't rip easily. Offense +16.

ChicGloves.png Chic Gloves シャープなてぶくろ
Sharp Gloves
+26 N/A Highway (present)
Gloves that a glove. Offense +23.

MagicGloves.png Magic Gloves マホーのてぶくろ
Magic Gloves
+30 N/A PP+10 Murasaki Forest (present)
Offense +30. Maximum PP +10.

Sevolg.png Sevolg ろくぶて
+35 1200 DP Saturn Valley
Reversible gloves that can be turned inside-out. Offense +35.

StrongGloves.png Strong Gloves つよいてぶくろ
Strong Gloves
+50 2690 DP Argilla Pass
Gloves made from very strong material. Offense +50.

MysticalGloves.png Mystical Gloves まぼろしのてぶくろ
Mystical Gloves
+55 N/A HP +10
PP +10
IQ +7
Speed +5
3% drop by Monkalruses
Gloves that emit a rainbow-colored aura. Offense +55.

ExpensiveGloves.png Expensive Gloves こうかなてぶくろ
Expensive Gloves
+58 N/A New Pork City
Gloves that others could only wish for. Offense +58.

AngelGloves.png Angel Gloves てんしのてぶくろ
Angel Gloves
+67 N/A Empire Porky Building
Gloves that purify the heart. Offense +67.

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