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ミクソリディア Mixolydia
Mixolydia's sprite in Mother 3.
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Tanetane Island

Mixolydia, or alternatively Missy, as she requests as her nickname, is one of the seven Magypsies in Mother 3. She is typically the fifth to have her Needle pulled, and first appears in Chapter 1. She is named after the Mixolydian mode of music.


She is shown to not care about humans very much, as when Flint goes to Aeolia's house to ask her about Claus, Mixolydia tells him that the Magypsies should not concern themselves with the comparatively short lives of humans.


Mixolydia has been guarding the Needle hidden away on Tanetane Island for thousands of years. She has placed enchanted clay-like figures, the Barrier Trio, to further protect the Needle until the time for it to be pulled has come. Mixolydia also lives on the island with her octopus friend, Ocho.

She is first encountered by Flint in Chapter 1 at Aeolia's party. When Flint asks Aeolia if his son, Claus, had visited on his way to the Drago Plateau, Mixolydia briefly states that the Magypsies should not concern themselves with the lives of humans. She otherwise plays a very small role at this time.

However, in Chapter 7, Lucas had come to visit her on Tanetane Island, with the intent of pulling her Needle. On the way there, Lucas and his party had eaten hallucinogenic mushrooms as a last resort for energy, and Mixolydia assisted in ridding them of the illusions. Mixolydia opened up the gates leading to the top of the hill, where the Needle was located, and allowed Lucas to pull it. Lucas successfully defeated the Barrier Trio, however, when he went to go pull the Needle, the Masked Man flew in at the last moment, and hit everyone with a powerful bolt of lightning, knocking them out. He then successfully pulled the Needle, and left the scene. Afterwards, Mixolydia, in the middle of disappearing, had found Lucas unconscious on the ground, and told him to meet Ionia on Mt. Oriander. Before disappearing, she gave Lucas her memento.

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