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エオリア Aeolia
Aeolia sitting in their chair
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Outside of Tazmily Village

Aeolia is one of the seven Magypsies in Mother 3. Aeolia has been guarding Osohe Castle's Needle for thousands of years, waiting for the right time for it to be pulled. They are the first to be encountered and the first to have their Needle pulled. They are named after the Aeolian mode of music.


Aeolia is very laid-back and open-minded, and holds parties with the other Magypsies frequently at their house.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 1

Aeolia is first met by Flint in Chapter 1 in the middle of one of their monthly parties at their home. Flint is led there by Alec to ask the Magypsies about his missing son, Claus. Aeolia claims to have taught him how to use PSI, and left Claus to continue on his dangerous journey to the Drago Plateau. Alec is outraged that the Magypsies had let Claus put himself in danger like that, but Aeolia is rather surprised that Claus had actually gone through with it, with the Magypsies pitying humans for worrying over their short lives.

In Chapter 7

Ionia leads Lucas to their home in Chapter 7; however, shortly after, their Needle is pulled by the Masked Man. Noticing they are disappearing, they move the table in his house to reveal a secret passageway that leads to the garden in Osohe Castle where their Needle is located. they then disappear, leaving behind their special memento, consisting of a razor and lipstick.


A glitch in Mother 3 causes some of their dialogue in Chapter 7 to use Ionia's name. This was fixed for version 1.1 of the Mother 3 fan translation.

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