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Drago Plateau

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Drago Plateau
ドラゴだいち Drago Plateau

Drago Plateau.png
The peak of the Drago Plateau, where Mecha-Drago is fought.

Connected areas
Mt. Oriander

The Drago Plateau is an area at the top of Mt. Oriander. It is home to many Dragos.


Drago Plateau is a fairly straightforward path that leads to the peak. Some of the trees on this route are actually enemies in disguised, which will follow the player around, and touching them starts a battle. After exiting the cave, the main path goes north in a winding pattern. Three bridges are present, though all are optional. The first is near the cave exit, however it leads to a dead end. The other two are part of an optional path on the opposite side of the river. Near the peak the path turns left, then heads north to reach the peak where the Mecha-Drago is fought.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 1

During their search for Claus, Alec and Flint learn from Aeolia and the Magypsies that Claus talked to them on the way to find the Drago that killed his mother, and was given PSI power and sent on his way. The Magypsies tell Flint which way he went, and their search leads them to the Drago Plateau. While passing through, Alec and Flint see two Pigmasks making a hasty escape. At the plateau's peak, Flint finds Claus's shoes, and a reconstructed Drago confronts them. Using the Drago Fang, Flint pierces the Mecha-Drago's hide and incapacitates it. Filled with rage, Flint thinks about killing the Drago, but its child then jumps up, and Alec stops him, not wanting the baby to go through what Lucas and Claus had to. As the chapter ends, Claus can be seen knocked unconscious on a nearby cliff, where the Pigmask Army finds him.


Sprite Enemy name Notes
TitanyOverworld.png Titany None
BaldingEagleOverworld.png Balding Eagle None
TreeOverworld.png Tree Explodes upon defeat
Mecha-DragoOverworld.png Mecha-Drago Boss

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