Drago Fang

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Drago Fang
ドラゴのキバ Drago Fang
In-game sprite of the Drago Fang from Mother 3
Type Key item
Appears in Mother 3

The Drago Fang is a key item found in Mother 3 in Chapter 1. It is a javelin made by Bronson from the fang of the Mecha-Drago that killed Hinawa.


During the fight with the Mecha-Drago, Flint pierces its hide with it to lower its defenses, as its hide is too tough for Flint and Alec to deal much damage to it normaly.


Mother 3
Buying Selling
Not for sale Cannot be sold

In-game description

The relic of a horrible event. A fang sharp enough to pierce even Drago hide.